NYC Private Shopping Tour

Your Bag Du Jour

Bags to love

Is this season time for you to have a new bag du jour? Deliveries of new Fall merchandise are still a little backed up, but new handbags are arriving daily. There is newness in the styling of bags, and also in the use of materials. Some of the bags shown are tweaks of brand staples, and some are fun and interesting new bags. New York shopping tours are a way to find the newest pieces. Come on a tour of some of the stores in the New York. What are you looking for this fall?

The Bottega bags du jour

Bottega Veneta is getting very crafty. This bucket bag with the thick straps uses a new sort of weaving technique. The uneveness of the strips is attractive. This could be your new bag du jour.

Chloe cross body bags

Chloe is into strappy bags too. The hand-whipped details on the edges adds style.

Vuitton Bag du Jour

Vuitton adds some style with a strappy banana shaped bag. The added chain handle is cool too.

S sunny vuitton crossbody

Vuitton also mixes chain and leather in the handle. But the news here is that the bag is pink. The color of the moment. Is it the upcoming Barbie movie or is it just a “Think Pink” moment?

Ventino baag in Pink

Valentino is into pink in a big way. They have made clothing and accessories in their shade of the color. This is a nice update of the Rockstud bag.

Pink power clutch

Alexander McQueen updates the knuckle clutch in a bright pink exotic skin.

A structured bag du jour

Dolce Gabbana is not shy about using their signature on this lighter pink bag.

A Colorful structered bag

Bags are available in other colors this season. Try a bright blue from McQueen.

Bags in new colors

Or a pale mint or lemon sorbet from Prada. The shiny embellishments lift the looks.

Bottega Tote bag with stitches

Bottega likes mint green too. The detailing on this shopper makes it feel less structured.

An Alaia Tote

Alaia updates their shopper with intricate studded details.

All sizes of totes

Prada’s signature triangle print adorns different sizes of shoppers.

Totes are important this year

Balenciaga like the shopper too. This one is crisply woven.

Big bags du jour

McQueen offers another take with is squishy leather bag with a bar handle. The graffiti bags are also very cool.

Shoppers with a logo

Demna like shoppers. Soft or structured, the category is important.

Vuitton bags with unusual chains

And of course logoed looks are always de rigeur. These Vuitton bags are colorful, and their heftier chains add newness.

A Chanel double bag

Chanel is well known for its creative use of logos. A hand crochet bag, with a small change bag attached is an fun look.

New shapes from Fendi

These little bags from Fendi have a new shape, and a creative use of the logo.

Valntino logo bag

And Valentino has a very new logo, with chains flanking the signature V. A nice update that can be used everywhere.

Gucci bags du jour

Gucci continually updates the double G logo. And this black and matte black set of bags are sleek.

A colorspliced Chloe Bag

There are new handle treatments this fall, too. Chloe has an interesting one, the split color treatment of the bag is echoed in the half metal handle.

New handles for bags

Alexander McQueen does a simple new metal handle that looks very modern.

Making an new bag du jour

Chloe updates the Edith bag with new patterns. It is always good to reinvent a classic.

soft handled bag du jour

Soft bags look new too. Jil Sander twists the handle deftly on this comfortable handbag.

A soft bag from Prada

Prada’s version is slightly more structured, but it is still very soft.

A soft fur bag du jour

And leave it to Fendi to do a soft bag, the O’Lock Swing. This crescent shaped bag is touched with fox.

Add some sparkle to your bag du jour

Prada believes you shoule shine this season. Their bags du jour reflect fashions wonderful show-off moment. What bag is for you this season?