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What To Wear in NYC in March? Dark Prints of Course.

Dark Prints are what you wear in NYC in March | Best New York Shopping Tours

March is a transitional month for getting dressed. If you have asked the question, what to wear in NYC in March already, you are not alone. We are living through a grave crisis. The Corona virus has reached our country, and everyone is doing what the can to be responsible and safe. Stores are closed for now. They will reopen. And life will return to normal. While we are in social distancing, we can still dream. For now we can shop online. And good clothes never go out of fashion. You can think about adding these prints to you wardrobe, as dark ground prints are a great choice when you buy them in season-less fabrics. When you ask what to wear in March in NYC, the answer is geometric, ethnic, bold floral or romantic dark ground prints. Add some of these prints to your wardrobe. Let’s take a tour around the city to find the best prints.

Dark ground prints in NYC for March

A dark dress stands out in this paisley like print. Minis are hot this season. The ethnic inspired romantic printed blouse looks sharp when paired with skinny crop jeans and a sleek with coat. Opposites work together perfectly.

Balenciaga likes dark ground prints

This Balenciaga dress is a classic.The neon colors really pop. Mixing bright colors on a dark ground clicks.

Dries dark prints to wear in NYC in March

Dries Van Noten is a known flower lover. He has a famous garden in the country, and obviously gets inspiration for his famous floral prints like the dress seen here.

Dries Does dark ground prints to wear in March

Here is another Dries print dress with a dark ground. This is a standout print and completely different that the one above. There are so many ways to wear this trend.

Prada prints to wear in NYC in March

Prada has some great prints as well. I love this dress. The mix of print and stripe is deftly done. And shirt-dresses are a trend too.

WHy not wear Carolina Herrera Dark Prints in March

Carolina Herrera has some very cheerful prints this season. This on trend shirt-dress is bold and cheerful.

Wear Carolina Herrera prints in NYC in March

Here is another dark ground print from Ms. Herrera. While smaller in scale it is still going to make your day happy.

Richard Quin Print coat in NYC

Richard Quinn is a young British designer who is going places. His signature floral prints done on a grand scale. The printed coat goes beautifully with the neon pants.

Marni likes dark ground prints

Marni has some beautiful prints this season. Mixing the red flowers with a neutral ground is seasonless.

Spring prints from Molly Goddard in NYC

Molly Goddard, another British designer, offers some cool separates. You can wear them together or on their own, and look great either way

Zimmerman dark ground NYC prints

Nicky Zimmerman is also known for her prints. I love the deep teal ground print. This too can be worn all year round. But it certainly is something that you can wear in NYC in March.

Dark prints from Dolce Gabanna

Dolce Gabanna always loves a flower driven print. The red roses come alive on the black ground.

Dior loves dark ground prints

Dior’s ethnic prints go from light to dark, and are compelling.

Chole loves dark ground prints

Chloe uses a mini floral print on this boho blouse to give their jeans an instant lift.

A denim jacket over a floaty dark print dress

And Bash supports a relaxed boho feel with this maxi dress paired with a denim jacket. This is year round dressing.

R13 Dark Print jeans

R13 makes trend setting jeans. This dark ground floral with an animal print addition will undoubtedly have many imitators.

Chic print from Ganni to wear in NYC

Ganni uses prints effectively. This nebulous no print print mixes dark tones perfectly. The outfit has no season.

Ganni Prints to wear in March

Also from Ganni are these dark ground prints. Whether it is a black ground with a neon yellow-green abstract print, or a tonal blue floral print, the clothes look fresh.

Prints to wear in NYC in March

ALC has this beautiful mauve and pink print dress should be a go to piece in March as well as in September.

Dark Prints from Bash in NYC

Red and purple ground prints from Bash are sophisticated and contemporary.

Modern Floral print are dark

A halter mock neck and an uneven hem dress in a bright floral on a black ground is slimming. It works now, and when the weather gets cooler it would look good with a blazer.

Wear The Reformation in March

Reformation loves prints. There are two dresses and a shirt here, with different prints, yet they all have a romantic feel that is a Reformation code.

Dark Flora Prints in NYC

Rebecca Taylor also has a romantic look. These dresses and tops are sweet without being soppy. A great addition to any wardrobe.

Dark Prints from Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson mixes femininity with ethnic chic. These orange ground prints are no exception. Choose these of the black group prints to wake up your wardrobe.

Dark Prints are What to Wear in March

These dark ground prints make prairie dresses come to life.

Dark Prints with Bright touches

Both of these prints have red in them. The prints are very different, and their message is slightly different. Both will brighten your day.

Maje Dark Print to Wear In NYC

Mage, the French label, also has a group of dark ground prints.

Dark Ground Prints in NYC

Yellow and black floral prints look fresh here. I am not sure I would wear them with the animal print bottoms, but some might take a chance.

Chic Prints to wear in NYC

You can see what a big selection of dark ground prints are in stores in New York. Pick the one that is for you.

Prada shoes in dark ground print

And if wearing printed clothing is not your thing, maybe you should consider these Prada shoes. Try them with black pants or a black dress, and pull you look together with pizzazz. These shoes could make you season.