Fall is upon us. The weather in New York has been pretty warm this year, with many lovely, sunny days. Life remains casual. One question as to how to make fall looks stand out is simple. It is what bags to carry this fall. You might start with the corded Balenciaga bags in the main photo. There are some new shapes and fun trends, and some seismic changes in the design community.  Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in the New York. Let’s explore what bags to carry this fall.

The Original Chain bag to carry

Bottega Veneta has been on everyone’s lips this week. Daniel Lee, the designer of the red hot bags and shoes for Bottega, had his contract with the brand voided. That said, some of the biggest trends this season are following his lead. He added chains to his pillowy bags for a new effect. And others followed.

What bags to carry this ffall with chains

J.W. Anderson was into chains too. But in a much different way. He supersized them as a design detail.


What bags to carry this fall from Prada


Prada supersized their chains too, but it was a little too close to Bottega.



what bag you want to carry this fall should have a chain


Sister brand MiuMiu added chains to pillowy nylon bags. The quilting had a Bottega effect.



Structured bags from Chanel


Boxier styles are new again too. The square bags with gold trim are perfection. But the quilted red leather case with the big mirror is the piece to go for.



Bucket bags are what bags to carry this fall


Structured bucket bags look great again. Especially these from Alexander McQueen.



Cool bucket bags are what you want to carry this fall


This space age style is modern too, and should be a go to look.



The barrel is what bag to carry this fall.


Chloe is another brand undergoing a big change. Gabriela Hearst has joined the brand. Her bags are clever and mix old with the new. I love this semi-structured boxy shaped bag.



Fun bags are what to carry


Loewe is know for its crafts. These bucket bags show the mix of structure, craft and fun.



Fun bags to carry this fall


Virgil Abloh adds a fun handle to his structured bag.



A Logo bag for fall


And with this bag, his graffiti tags are a hoot. Mixing logos and humor is always good.



A new way to see Vuitton Logos


Logos are getting a stylistic makeover too. The little logo studs are a sophisticate update to the classic LV logo.



A knit bag is what you want to carry this fall


Valentino plays with its Rockstud logo by making this bag in a sweater knit. A fun play for fall.



A chic Fendi Bag to carry this fall


Fendi updates its logo by embossing it in a larger scale on a small evening bag. We are back to going out.



The newest Fendi clutch is what you want to carry this fall


The new Fendi clutch creates a new logo. The bag closure as the logo is a clever addition.



A colorful bag to carry this fall


Color in new this season. Bottega pops this new bag in bright yellow to jazz up your fall-winter season.



Dior is what bag to carry this fall


Dior offers some boxy shapes and makes them new, in blue.



Add some color to you bags this fall


Vuitton slices a V of red leather into a Monogram tote. It lightens the bag up.



A geometric Valentino bag is what you should carry this fall


Patterns are modernizing bags too. This bag came as a black bag with white X’s, and also as a white bag with black x’s. Smart bags.



Gucci Bags to Carry this fall


Pattern is brightening up this season’s offerings too. These bags from Gucci are from the Aria Collection, and mix lyrics from currect songs into the patterns.



A Gucci bag to use this fall


The Gucci 100 is another colorful pattern purse this season. It’s a popping logo, on a classic shape.



A Fall shoulder bag to carry this fall


Chloe is also going for patterns. This season is an hommage to the 70’s, with a geometric spliced patternin suede stitched together in geometric harmony.



New Bags for Fall


Chloe also made use of the often used hippie revival of scalloped patched leathers. Looks good.



What you want to carry this fall


Hearst’s Chloe also uses laid-in colored wool yarns to create a rich fall patterned oversize bag.



Print days to wear on your neck


Tom Ford, on the other hand, adds a clean floral print to some charming neck bags.



A Pattern Bag to Carry this Fall


Azzedine Alaia’s team offers a mosaic print tote in earth tones.



what to carry on your shoulder this fall


Chloe weaves some more hippie revival leather compositions around the side of her shoulder bag in a cool light beige.



Bottega Structured Bags


Bottega’s Lee did a smart bag made with zig-zaging strips of firm leather. This update of the classic intrecciato weave is a forward looking change.



The new structure is what to crry this fall


And Bottega also created a new kind of structured bag using the same kind of firm leather strips. There is a supple leather pouch inside to keep your things out of sight.


Bags this season are anything but boring. when one asks what bags do you want to carry this fall, there is a whole lot to choose from. Each one is a winner.



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