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Wear Pink This Spring and Be Happy.

May 19, 2020

2020 has not gotten off to the happiest of starts. Hopefully our world will soon be slowly opening up. Are you tired of dressing for depression in sweats? I know I am starting to look at my spring clothes and gravitating to the ones that are the most fun and inspirational. I have decided that maybe I will wear pink this spring and be happy to be out again in the real world.

Of course I will be masked up and practicing Social Distancing. We all should as a matter of course. Why not wear pink to brighten up your life?Different shades of pink bring out different emotions. If you are shopping your closest or thinking about what you might buy this season please read on. There are so many looks all looking to be discovered this season, online or in stores when they do reopen. Which one you gravitate towards depends on how you dress, obviously.

Come find what to look for when you want to wear pink this spring and be happy, while you are self distancing, and protecting yourself and the world from the virus. Why not come on a tour of what might grab your imagination and make you dream a little bit.

Chanel pink will make you happy.

Chanel knows how to work pink. The pink cross body bag with the famous double C’s stands out against the black and white print. The classic pink jacket would pair well with with jeans for a cheeky take, or a white shirt.

A pink jacket will make you happy

Dries Van Noten mixes reds and pinks into a fabulous printed jacket that works with white and could work with black.

Pink flowers make you want to make you wear pink

Dolce&Gabbana have always had a soft spot for pink. The pink ground floral print on the left is a Dolce classic, as is the soft pink pink floral jacket and skirt. These 2 outfits show the different side of pink.

Pink Jackets say wear pink

Louis Vuitton supports pink too. This hot pink jacket is sharp. Hot pink signifies playfulness, and this jacket is playful

Wear Pink and have it covered

Jacquemus does pink in tweeds and in solid pink as well.

Wear Pink and Be Happy this spring

Alexander McQueen does beautiful pink clothes for spring with a steady soft hand. Pink also looks great when paired with deep beiges.

Pinks in prints and stripes are good ways to wear pink

Look to Valentino for some beautiful pinks as well. The border print in shades of pink does work with black, as does the pink, red and black striped dress.

Valentino Pink bags will make you happy

And the Valentino mins bags are especially chic. Pattern or solid? Which do you prefer? The smaller the bag the better this season.

Wear Pink prints this spring

Stella McCartney goes for whimsical prints in pink for a cheery spring look. Pink is blowing in the wind.

Zimmerman pink Lace dress will make you happy this spring

Zimmerman takes a pink dress and covers it with serious embroidery, making the dress almost into a lace. This is a stand out dress for sure.

Dress up in pink for spring

Zimmerman also works a deep pink print into a fabric constructed with strips giving this dress lots of dimension.

Kenzo wants you to wear pink.

And should you want to continue to wear sweats, try this Kenzo outfit. The soft romantic logo sweatshirt and the pleated skirt will ease your transition back to normalcy.

Wear pink and be happy

Is a pink suit more glamorous than a black one, or just more relaxing on the eyes. And a pink and red print is a statement in pink from Veronica Beard.

Pink feathers will make you happy

Alice and Olivia often focuses on pink. This hot pink dress is hot. Floating in with feathers fluttering is always a way to draw attention your way.

Pink tie dye suits for spring

Alejanndra Alonso Rojas drapes a blazer with a scarf in a pinky cream and then dips dyes it for an artistic look. The scarf certainly softens the jacket.

Tie dye pink will make you happy

This tie dye trench is classic with a twist. Trenches are always a good idea. This one is updated with the hot pink tie dye. A great stand out piece.

Wear Pink lace dresses this spring

Hot pink lace is also a good idea. This lace dress from the French label Ba&sh proves that pink is one of the colors for this spring.

Pink will perk up your look.

More looks from Alice and Olivia sing in hot pink. A simple strapless dress pops in pink. The wrapped short top in hot pink works with the pale pink sheer skirt.

Pink coats are one way to wear pink

Pink head to toe? Why not. Alice and Olivia certainly does love pink, and understands it’s power.

Pink suits are a great way to wear pink

This relaxed hot pink suit projects power with ease. Not uptight and certainly not for wallflowers. A look that projects strength.

Generation Love loves pink

Lot’s of pink here from ALC. Hot pink and pale pink? Which one is for you?

Pink Jeans will make you happy

Bright colored jeans certainly offer a wardrobe pick me up. The green looks fun, but Think Pink is my mantra these days.

Pink stripes will make you happy

Stripes are an interesting way to wear pink head to toe. The deep tones of this sweater are serious, not flighty. The contrast that the yellow bag offers pops the outfit.

Pink Sweaters will make you happy this spring

These softer pinks offer a vintage vibe. They go to the sweet side of pink. The softer, gentler more romantic pink.

Wear Pink from Voltaire.

Zadig and Voltaire does muted pinks in a contemporary vibe with attitude.

Pink prints are one way to wear pink

These pink prints are lively yet modern. No retro vibes here. Just clean and modern.

Soft pink prints will make you happy

Some pinks are more flesh tones, and are very flattering to most skin tones. They verge on being neutrals.

Wear pink and be happy

Pink is certainly everywhere. Large florals, sweater knits, as well as stripes and solids just look good.

You will be happy in these pink jackets

Pink can be a way of life for spring, and wearing pink can make you happy.

Wear pink this spring

Hot pinks rock, especially when mixed in with dark ethnic prints. Don’t be afraid of wearing pink. There are so many ways to wear it, you can make the color your own.

Hermes says wear pink

Hermes got carried away with this wonderful display. A robot in pale pink is irresistible, if a robot can wear pink this spring, so can you. . But then Hermes has the best displays.