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Wear Blue For Spring This Year. The Color Is Everywhere.

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It’s February and it’s been pretty dreary here in New York. One way to cheer yourself up is to let your wardrobe do it for you. Blue clothing and accessories are showing up everywhere. It looks like blue is the color you want to wear for spring. Blue is fresh, clean and can work like a neutral. There are so many shades of blue in all the collections. Let’s take a tour around the city and all the cool blue looks that can be yours.

Head to toe blue for spring

Chloe looks to blue this season. Blue denim paired with a printed top, or a dark navy dress, and pale blue trenches are spot on. The signature Chloe bags in navy or pale blue look outstanding so wear blue bags for spring.

Delicate roses printed for spring

One of the best Spring 2020 collections is from Prada. Miuccia used blue in all sorts of ways. Cabbage rose prints on a pastel blue ground get brought to life with a citrusy pale green sweater.

Shades of blue from Prada

A solid blue Prada dress with navy smocking details is a perfect lead into spring. Navy jackets and dresses and a pale blue-green mini-print also show why blue is the color you want for spring.

Blue solid and prints from Prada

More blues, navies and crisp white ground navy prints also prove how much Prada loves blue. And why you should wear blue for spring.

Prada Blue outfits for spring

These two outfits are another way Prada shows the blue you want to buy. The crisp blue and white stripes spliced with several yellow ground prints are innovative in only a way that Prada can be.

Stripes by Sacai for spring

Sacai works navy and white stripes as well, with her innovative cuts and splicing. Sweaters also mix with the shirtings for signature looks.

Embroidered denim from MiuMiu

Miu Miu, Prada’s other line, has some cool denims. Studded jeans or full skirts with floral embroideries can take from Soho to Fifth Avenue in style.

Marni navy clothing

Marni‘s cleaned up looks also embrace navy.

Valentino dress and pant outfit for spring

Valentino also loves blues. The printed pants and top are perfect, but they would also work very well on their own. The blue silk dress is perfection.

Soft Blue print dress

The pale blue print and the soft silhouette of this mid calf dress are soft without being too fussy,

A perfect spring shirt

Acne pairs a super clean over sized pale blue shirt with a blue mock neck. Just add some jeans in white or deep indigo.

Pale blue clothing

Thom Browne went for seersucker blue stripes this season. Mixing masculine and feminine beautifully. His tromp l’oeil prints are a must.

Blue Print dresses

A jacket in a blue print to your wardrobe. Wear it with white or pastel colored skirts and pants, The dresses are quiet statements.

The newest hot contemporary label is the Scandi chic Ganni. Their clothes are all over town too. Blue ground prints and navy check dresses and pants stand out.

Ganni has shades of blue

In another store, Ganni shows romantic blue floral prints, as well as deeper navy ground prints.

Ganni clothing in navy and blue

And in a third store, you see an expanded assortment of skirts and dresses in all sorts of blue prints. How many shades of blue are there?

Abstract blue floral print dress

Floral prints from Phillip Lim are cut with architectural flare in a mesh covered blue silky fabric. Modern, clean and blue.

Bold Blue prints dresses

Other prints that feature blue are bold, while the solid royal blue also stands out.

Dresses in shades of blue

Wedgewood blue and sky blue, relaxed dresses or a short skirt just look right. Casual without any fuss.

A blue print with blue jeans

Stella McCartney pairs her signature jeans with a beautiful pale blue ground botanical print.

Denim great coat

Isabel Marant lines a denim coat with faux shearling for those still chill days. Add a tongue in chic tee to the mix.

Naval stripes for spring

For a more classic approach striped tees in shades of blue look fresh.

Blue pins stripes sculpted into a dress

And Phillip Lim take a very classic stripe cotton fabric and drapes and wraps it with a precise hand in a one of a kind dress.

Soft blue spring resort wear

Blues can take you to the sea in dresses from Staud that are flowy and romantic. Seafoam to sky blue.

Spring resort wear

Poupette St. Barth absolutely understands resort dressing. The blues resemble the skies over the island on a clear hot day.

Chanel shoes in denim

Blue shoes will update your look. Denim sandals and booties from Chanel are something that you will want to invest in this spring season.

Blue Golden Goose Boots

I also love these blue suede cowboy boots from Golden Goose.

Turquoise mules for spring

And these big bowed court mules are perfect. Make a statement in blue.

Prada spring line up

At the end of the day and the blog, this lineup from Prada really makes a statement for cool spring dressing. And yes, how to wear blue this season.