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The News In Shoes

The News in SHoes

Fashion is still a bit stuck this fall. The past year or so had featured lots of clunky boots, plenty of sneakers, and more stilettos than one would ever need. The news in shoes is beginning to make itself seen. It’s about time. There is plenty of novelty in decoration, and the use of texture and color. Take a look at where footwear is headed. Let’s preview this tour of some of the stores in the New York. What are you looking for this season?

Variations of loafers are news

There is a lot of novelty in loafers this season. Bottega Veneta repeats itself using a very nice buckle on three different shapes of loafers. A flat pair, and pair with chunky heels, and a pair of platform loafers.

Unusual loafers from Chloe

Chloe loves loafers too. This pair is updated using contrasting decorative stitching.

Decorative Loafers are new

There is more news in shoes from Chloe, again. The last is the same as the one used in the decorated shoe above, but the material is a textured pattern that stands out.

News in Decorative Shoes

Gabriela Hearst, who also designed Chloe, created these textured heels as well. Some of the shoes are made from a hand made fabric, and they all get textural with a crochet edge.

Artistic Heels In the news

Novelty heels are newsy this season. Bottega Veneta adds a little knot to the metal heels of there slides.

Decorative Heels are the News

Chanel uses this textured heel in several models. One is a baby-doll, and the other is a more open shoe.

The new shoes from Prada

Prada gets a bit tricky with these kitten heels. The artsy designs are fine, but the obvious use of the Prada name plasterd on the decorations is a bit of a turn-off.

Decorative charms are new

Chanel offers another baby-doll heel, and uses charm-like logos and Chanel symbols to decorate the shoe. I guess the Chanel customer likes everyone to know that they are wearing the brand.

New Platform Shoes from Gucci are new

Gucci uses mettal GG’s in a geometric grid to mark their platfrom sandals and boots.

Decorative Platform shoes from Dolce

Dolce Gabbana likes platforms too. This pair stands out in a wild pattern, and the brand’s name decorates the heels.

PLatforms on Steriods

Balenciaga goes for platforms in a big way. The superhigh sandals and clogs are covered in pave rhinestones.

Sparkling Shoes

Dolce Gabbana goes even dressier with sandals covered in large pink stones.

The news in shoes with heels

The Attico likes glitter shoes, especially in bright colors. They also love unusual heels.

Feathered Pumps For Evening

And if you really want to be over-the-top, why not slip on the feather covered stilletos by Balenciaga. These shoes make a statement.

Gold and Silver Shoes

A.W.A.K.E. Mode is also into shine. The gold foil boots are pretty classic. And the slip ons decorated with metallic leather balls will make your feet the center of attention.

SHoes with roses from Prada

Prada trims sandals and slikes with delicate leather roses. Too bad they spoil a delicate look with the ever present metal Prada logo. The shoes would be better without that touch.

News in shoes from Miu Miu

Miu Miu does an interesting bootie-sandal. It has a tough love vibe.

Gucci makes straw shoes look new

Straw was big this season. Gucci trims one slide with an atypical flowery printed sole. And the espadrille looks clean. This is a good update for straw.

New shoes from Bottega with braided leather

Bottega Veneta is into lots of texture and craft. The leather is braided for a full look, and then placed on a pair of platform sandals.

Marni uses hand made crochet with texture on these colorful sabot slides.

There are still sneakers around. This Balenciaga pair got an update in an acid green patchwork. You will stand out for many reasons if you wear these.

Marni had a bit more fun, doing a funky scribble print on its both high and low top sneakers.

The newest sneakers are distressed

And Miu Miu adds some real news in shoes with these deconstructed fabric patched kicks. They are fun and creative.

New Boots With Buckles

This pair of boots is also from Miu Miu. While the multi-buckles look interesting, what is even more interesting is the body of the boot. It looks like it was borrowed from a pair of Frye boots or a classical pair ofmoto boots. Interesting the way designers work.