NYC Private Shopping Tour

The Magic of Bags

The mystery and magid of bags

How do you define the magic of bags? Why are people so eager to sport brand logos, or spend thousands for shapes and styles that identify them as an owner of a fashion statement? Some people are drawn to classic bags, and some are looking for the newest and most interesting bags. This season there are some new trends, and new ideas. Must-buy and must-carry bags. Bags are designed with care and often a sense of humor this season. That’s what contributes to the magic of bags. There is a lot to choose from. What bags fit your lifestyle? For the city or for the beach and the country, see what’s new. It’s time to explore what you might find on a luxury private shopping tour in NYC. Let’s preview this tour of some of the stores in the New York. What are you looking for this season?

Summer straw bags

Straw bags are big again this season. They come in all sizes and all sorts of weaves. This Valentino bag mixes leather with straw in a crochet-like pattern, and adds a big logo and leather trim. The tote shape is important too.

Straw Bags of all sizes

The red bag is another classic straw tote. The smaller top handled bags are definately more for wearing in the city. The differing amounts of leather used in the two bags is the design signature.

Summer magic with straw bags

Chloe has many different styles of straw bags. From simple totes with canvas straps to bucket bags reminiscent of the bags favored by the late Jane Birkin, to versions of their popular shapes.

Arty straw bags

John Galliano and Maison Margiela are also doing sophisticated bags in straw. They come with the signature labeled muslin tie bags.

Artisinal totes that have the magic of bags

Ulla Johnson does fun straw totes in no-pattern patterns. These are perfect summer bags.

A petite crochet bag for summer

Crochet bags in cottons and cotton blends have a similar esthetic. Fendi embroiders their name on the bags, and adds leather handles.

A Soft Miu Miu crochet bag

Miu Miu does a crochet bag in several sizes. Their handles and name check are also in crochet.

A Fendi Signature Bag

Fendi also manipulates leather to enhance it’s Peek-a-Boo bags. The interlaced leather on this bag makes it resemble bags of woven straw. But this technique is a lot more complicated.

Artisitic touches from Fendi

Another Peek-a-Boo is trimmed in contrast color whip stitching for a decorative touch.

Bottega Veneta does a magical bag

Bottega Veneta is know for its intrecciato weaving. This is one of the newest shapes. It is a classic bag shape, yet it looks new when rendered in woven leather. And it does say Bottega Veneta. It brings the magic of bags to basics.

Speaking of logos, Vuitton teamed with the streetwear designer KidSuper for a one of a kind collection. The Vuitton logo bag with customized artwork is meant for men, but there is no reason women cannot up their look wearing it.

Palm Angels offers magic of bags

Another street brand, Palm Angels is dipping it’s toes into bags. The palmy logo flies under the radar.

A Bag looks at you

The Schaiparelli reboot brings another genre of bags. While the collection is popular for the red-carpet set, I find the bags a bit heavy handed. Surrealism this is not. Schiap, as she was know as, collaborated with many of her artistic friends. Salvador Dali and his lobsters, Jean Cocteau, Bébé Bérard, and Man Ray, among others brought humour and uniqueness to her projects.

A Schiaparelli bag evokes magic

The new Schiaparelli is just a bit straignt forward. There are no contemporary artists involved here, and no lightness of spirit. And no magic.

Chanel likes multiple bags

Chanel and Schiaparelli were contemporaries and competitors. Each woman had a different point of view. The Chanel signature is very wll developed today. New shapes can display the trademark C’s, and the classic shapes come in many sizes.

an update to a Valentino signature bag

Everyone updates their signatures. Valentino puts the Rock Studs on a chic plastic shoulder bag. You know who created it.

Double bags are still for sale

And Fendi is careful to spread those signature double F’s. Karl Lagerfeld developed the in 1965. Way before he worked at Chanel. It has stood the test of time. It means Fun Fendi.

New bags from Loewe

Loewe has a new logo. The delicate square is appearing on more and more items, like these fun puffy shoulder bags.

McQueen tries a new signature bag

Alexander McQueen is noted for their signature knuckle bags. This clever adaptation used the four holes to recreate the feeling without the hardware. It is a cool signature, that should stick around.

New shapes from Bottega Veneta

And sometimes signatures get updates. This Bottega Veneta bag is a new shape for them. A top handle case with a zipper is an exellent choice for a casual bag, any thime of the year.

A new Valentino logo bag

And this canvas Iconographe is the new logo for the Roman house’s bags. It is being interpreted in many ways, and in several colors. Everyone will know it is Valentino.

Chanel works magic with bags

The pearl trimmed Chanel bag is a new one. A bit more feminine, but not boring. The brown structured bag looks like a mini brief case.

Alaia offers magic with their bags

Alaia does a sculptural summer tote. The seams on the leather remind one of the seams on the signature knits.

A Dolce Gabanna Tote Bag

Dolce Gabanna has made flowers a brand signature. A summery red tote with poppies is a bright statement.

Fur bags all year round

But Balenciaga is always a contrarian. This furry bag in fake fur comes in Barbie pink. There actually have not been many super pink bags in this season’s collections. But if you really need one, this might be the best option to add the magic of bags to your wardrobe..