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Sneakers – The Summers Best

Sneaker Lovers Delight | Sneaker Shopping Tour in New York City

Sneakers, kicks, trainers, whatever. In the footwear world, kicks are up there. Want to discover some sneakers – the summers best? The world has gone mad for sneakers. The world of laces is growing. You can even find sneaker NFT’s. Personally, I would rather have the real thing on my feet. The world of luxury women’s sneakers is here to stay. There are so many design options this summer, very creative options. Sneakers can echo your personality.

New York City is fully open. There are plenty of customers in the stores, but stores are still keeping things extra clean, providing hand sanitizer, and limiting the number of people in stores for safety’s sake. You can shop very safely. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in the New York. Let’s explore the newest footwear. It is time to celebrate sneakers – the summers best.

Novelty sneakers

Prada always offers interesting footwear. While Betsey Johnson may have done “high heel sneakers” decades ago, Miuccia Prada updates her kickes with shapely kitten heels. Pointed toes offer even more newness.

Miu Miu Sneaker slides

Sister brand Miu Miu loves pointy toes too.These embossed kicks are a sophisticated sporty.

Prada sneaker slides

There is a close up of the Prada slide sneaker. The pair at the back is a super classic with a pointy toel.

Prada low heel sneakers

The hooked heel is a Prada signature and statement. Black or white, these kicks rock.

Best SUmmer Balenciaga kicks

Colorful trainers are a trend this summer too. Balenciaga’s Drive sneakers mix color and pattern with panache.

Vuitton sneaker heaven

Pastels are au courant this summer. Vuitton Archlight sneakers mix a bight purple with a pastel patch-work.

Lovely Louboutan sneakers

Christian Louboutin loves color. The printed leather Vieirissima Spike sneaks are a bright option.

Louboutin Crazy sneakers

A printed Sharkina Louboutin trainer has a sole that lifts, You know when it is Louboutin.

Valentino Hi color shoes

Valentino’s Wade runner comes in a variety of colors, from light to dark. Brighten your life with a pair.

Gucci sneakers with style

Gucci makes colorful sneakers too. A dark floral print New Ace low top or a white pair with a pop of color?

Colorful Blaenciaga kicks

Balenciaga’s colorful hot pink Triple S pair are made for summer style and fun. The model has been around for a while, but is still popular.

Off WHite summer kicks

Off-White offers many styles of kicks with graphic mixes. The contrast color laces are a nice touch.

Balenciaga slipper sneakers

Add a pop of neon color with the Balenciaga Speed Graffiti Sock sneakers. Put speed into your step.

Vivier Sparkle Sneaker

You can find many glam options too. Roger Vivier’s signature rhinestone buckle sneaker is demi-bling option.

Choo decorated kicks

Jimmy Choo loves blingy sneakers. Decorated with rhinestones, pearls or studs you feet will sing.

Grey Choo sparkly slippers

The grey Choo sneaker is option too, A nice change from black or white.

Rockstud sneakers

Valentino updates the Rockstud sneaker. This is a very low key approach to flash, with no trash.

Prada kicks with bags

Another interesting decoration is Prada’s high tops with a strap on baglette. Stash your cash and keys on your ankles, and go hands free.

Balenciaga Snadal sneaker

Sandal sneakers are a wonderful option for summer. Track Clear Sole sandals from Balenciaga mix fashion with hot weather comfort.

Chanel summer trainers

Chanel makes these summer friendly sneakers. The beige, black and white is very on-brand. As is the quilted sole.

Fendi summer sneakers

Another summery option is the Fendi Rokoko knitted mesh Sock sneaker. The mix of neutrals is a great choice.

Valentino flowered sneaker

Valentino is into florals this season. The Atelier 03 Rose Edition leather kicks are a very feminine option. The hand cut petals are very original.

Prada Graphic kicks

Prada offers an artistic option for kicks. The canvas sneakers are hand printed witth polka dots and messaged with some of Miuccia’s thoughts.

Loewe derby kicks

Loewe has branched into sneakers. The Anagram Flap sneaker mixes a brogue with a sneaker. The more sneakerish runner at the back has a low key logo.

Louboutan summer kicks

Solid white or black sneakers get special treatment too. Loubishark leather low-tops offer a pop of color and toned down details.

Louboutin slip on sneakers

These cool slip on’s also have the Loubishark red and white sole.

Prada platform kicks

Prada’s canvas platform sneakers will lift you and your look. The simple logo adds a graphic touch.

Low rider Vuitton sneakers

The Time Out logo sneaker is a low key way to carry off a logo. The metallic gold is soft and shimmery.

Fendi Logo platforms

Even lower ket are the Fendi embossed leather sneakers. The little bit of platform elevates this pair.

Logo Vuitton red kicks

If you want to stand out, rock this pair. Urs Fischer did a collab with Vuitton, including this LVXUF Stellar pair. These sneakers-the summers best.

Gucci Logo trainers

The classic Gucci logo sneaker is a classic. Sometimes classic is the way to go.

Fendi F logo sneakers

If you like platform sneakers and logos, maybe the Fendi mesh pair is for you.

Fendi tie dye kicks

Fendi also offers another platform sneaker that is a bit more of a mixed message. The canvas is tie dyed, for a more boho feeling.

Vuitton sneakers

The Archlight is a signature LV kick. This one lets the world know exactly what you are wearing.

Vuitton Blue logo kicks

Another cool Archlight has a dip-dye effect with placed monogram logos.

Dior Trainers

However if you want to be classic and discreet then head for either one of these Dior kicks. The black ribbon whispers Dior, but other than that you are logoless. If you are looking for sneakers – the summers best- head for these.