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Dress For leather weather


It’s Leather Weather

November 19, 2022

Do you want to be on trend this fall and winter? Then dress for leather weather. This year the stores are full of all sorts of leather looks. Some of it is real leather, some is pleather, and some is even the newly devoping vegan leather, made from things like mushrooms. Whatever it is made…

Dark and smoky evening dress codes


The New Dress Codes for Fall

October 24, 2022

Are you dressing up more? Dressy clothes used to arrive in stores towards the end of November in the past. This year the floors had displays of cocktail dresses and other fancy dress from September onward. Benefits and celebrations are back big time. And designers are helping you celebrate. What are the new dress codes…

Bags to love


Your Bag Du Jour

October 6, 2022

Is this season time for you to have a new bag du jour? Deliveries of new Fall merchandise are still a little backed up, but new handbags are arriving daily. There is newness in the styling of bags, and also in the use of materials. Some of the bags shown are tweaks of brand staples,…

A Long Green Dress


Shades of Green Look Fresh

September 1, 2022

Shades of green look fresh as we start to exit summer. It is likely to stay warm in most of the country in September and into October. There are shades of green that transition perfectly into fall. All shades of green look fresh, and some shades can be worn year round. Other shades of green…

it's white this summer


It’s White, Day and Night

August 12, 2022

It’s white, day and night this summer. We have a lot of dressing up to do as the season winds down. And with the intense heat all over the globe, white makes sense. It looks cool, and it is cool. Fun and playful day wear that works in the city or the country, at resorts…

Chicest shoes from Prada


Shoo-In Shoes

August 1, 2022

There are a lot of new shoo-in shoes this summer? What are shoo-in shoes? They are the newest and most interesting shoes around. Must-buy and must-wear shoes. Designed with care and often a sense of humor this season. Heels, flats, platforms and more. There is a lot to chose from. What shoes fit your lifestyle?…

Givency suit and sleek leather dress for summer


Black is Back

July 19, 2022

Black is back. But then did it ever go away? Summer is here, and it is time to travel and party. Maybe black is more of a city color, but this season’s styles also include lots of fun and playful day wear that works in the country, at resorts and the beach as well. New…

wear the fruits of summer this year


Enjoy the Fruits of Summer

June 20, 2022

Summer is here. The world is traveling and enjoying being out and about. New clothing is flowing into the stores in New York. It is all about color this season. Yellow, orange, tangerine, apricot and more. Celebrate the fruits of summer this season when you chose your outfits. Casual or occasion-wear, it’s all bright. There…

Knits with a twist mix it up


Knits With A Twist

May 29, 2022

Sweaters and other knits are all over the stores this season. Knits are back, but you knew that. Short, long, casual and dressy. We are living the knitted life. The best knits are knits with a twist. A literal twist to reveal some skin, fitted dresses, crochet and more crochet, and riffs on 80’s vintage…

Think Pink dress


Think Pink This Season

May 19, 2022

Spring is bursting out around us. Flowers and trees, birds and bees. New clothing is flowing into the stores in New York. This season you will need to think pink if you want to stay on trend. There are so many shades of pink to be found on shopping tours in New York. Pink is…

Bags to have and to hold


To Have and To Hold

April 10, 2022

Spring is here. One of the first things to look for this season is a new bag. Something wonderful to have and to hold. Stores are getting new merchandise a little bit later this year due to supply chain issues. But perhaps that might be a good thing, as who wants to wear spring clothing…

Tropical prints matter this season


Prints Matter This Season

March 23, 2022

Spring is here. Thank goodness. New clothes are flooding stores, and they are pretty much all very happy looks. New trends are emerging. It seems that prints matter this season. Stores are loaded with patterns, and the vast majority of them are florals. There are florals for working and for celebrating. And they are at…

Sneakers with your new platforms | NYC Shopping Guides


Your New Platforms Stand Tall

March 3, 2022

New shoes are arriving for spring. There are a few new trends showing up. Designers are pushing platfrom soles. Some have a seventies vibe or a forties vibe, and some are an extention of the obsession with combat boots and aggressive footwear. Will your new platforms be pumps, sneakers or sandals this spring, or is…

Pink Checks and Plaids | New York City Shopping Tours


The New Checks and Plaids

February 22, 2022

Everyone is still wearing a lot of super causal clothing these days. But new trends are emerging. It’s time to be casual and chic. Stores are loaded with the new checks and plaids. Any time of the day is time to wear the new checks and plaids. And at all price-points. These garments will work…

The Knitted Life | New York Private Shopping Tours


The Knitted Life

February 10, 2022

We have explored patterned knit, but there are so many sweaters and other knits in the stores this season. Knits are back, but you knew that. Short, long, casual and dressy. We are living the knitted life. Knits are a big trend, and fall is looking even knittier than spring did. Knits come in all…

Standout sequins | Shopping Tours in New York


Time To Shine

December 30, 2021

When I first saw the Prada coat below, it went to the top of my wish list. After almost two years of super causal dressing it seemed to me that it was time to shine. Stores are loaded with sparkly, shiny clothing, for day and for night. Any time of the day is time to…

Moon Boots on the Ground | NYC Private Shopping Tour


Put Your Boots On The Ground

December 23, 2021

WInter is here. Life remains casual. The stores are full of all kinds of sneakers and boots this season. It is sort of hard to find shoes. Designers want you to put your boots on the ground this season. One question as to how to make fall looks stand out is simple. Chosing an interesting…

What To Carry This Fall | NYC Private Shopping Tour


What Bags to Carry This Fall

November 18, 2021

 Fall is upon us. The weather in New York has been pretty warm this year, with many lovely, sunny days. Life remains casual. One question as to how to make fall looks stand out is simple. It is what bags to carry this fall. You might start with the corded Balenciaga bags in the main…

Pattern Perfect Sweaters | NYC Shopping Guides


Knits That Are Pattern Perfect

November 14, 2021

Do you love knits? if so, then this is your season. Knits are back with a vengeance. Short, long, casual and dressy. Knits that are pattern perfect are a subset of this year of sweaters. Knits are a big trend, and fall is looking even knittier than spring did. Whether you want something casual, or…

Benefits of Looking New | Shopping Tour New York


The Benefits of Being Neutral

October 10, 2021

Fashion is easy this fall. Relaxed shapes and easy fits work best after a year spent in sweats. There are benefits to being neutral. Clothing this season can be clean and elegant or cosy and relaxed. It all works. Outfits in shades of beiges, taupe, olive and more are flattering and pure. Nothing here is…

Perfect sandals for summers end | Shopping Tours in New York City


Perfect Sandals For Summers End

August 30, 2021

The last big weekend of the summer is upon us. For those of us who live and breathe fashion, celebrating in style is important. Whether you are going to the beach or the country, or just having drinks, dinner and dancing with friends in the city, you need to find the perfect sandals for summers…

Back in Black | NYC Private Shopping Tour


Black in Action

August 8, 2021

Fashion is a thing. Some people live and breathe fashion. There was always a joke that fashion folk, and by an extension of that, New Yorkers, were partial to dressing in black. Over the last few seasons, there was not a lot of statement dressing in black. But these days it is easy to see…

Super Wide Collars | Shopping Tours in NYC


Collar Stories this Season

July 26, 2021

Fashion is a funny thing. Trends do come and go. And then some come back. One can certainly say that about the collars seen in stores and on people. Large collars, Sometimes very large collars. It’s time for collar stories this season. Use them to frame your face. Princess Di was known to wear large…

Orange and Yellow Mean Sunny Days Are Here | NYC Private Shopping Tour


Sunny Days Are Here

June 29, 2021

We think we have forgotten to dress, but we really haven’t. Summer and sunny days are here. Restaurants and bars are fully open. There are parties to go to. Friends are getting together. New York is open for shopping. The skies are blue and things are looking up. What will you to be wanting to…

Sneaker Lovers Delight | Sneaker Shopping Tour in New York City


Sneakers – The Summers Best

June 3, 2021

Sneakers, kicks, trainers, whatever. In the footwear world, kicks are up there. Want to discover some sneakers – the summers best? The world has gone mad for sneakers. The world of laces is growing. You can even find sneaker NFT’s. Personally, I would rather have the real thing on my feet. The world of luxury…

The Language of Knits | NYC Private Shopping Tour


Do You Speak the Language of Knits?

May 16, 2021

Spring is here. It’s May, the leaves are out and flowers are blooming. New York is open for shopping. The skies are blue and things are looking up. Restaurants, movie theaters, and more are opening at reduced capacity, and will be fully open soon. What will you to be wanting to wear this spring and…

Blue Etro Prints | Shopping Tours in NYC


Spring Blues To Sing For

April 6, 2021

Spring is here. In New York, the weather is beautiful. The skies are blue and things are looking up. Restaurants, movie theaters, and more are opening at reduced capacity, but they are open. Vaccines are making it into arms all over the country. We will be going out, and now is the time to think…

Striking Dior Stripes | NYC Private Shopping Tour


The New Stripes. Look Striking This Spring.

March 18, 2021

Are you looking for something to freshen you wardrobe this spring? Spring is officially arriving this weekend. Longer days, and hopefully warmer ones to look forward to. Things are starting to look up after months of quarantines and lockdowns. Vaccines are making it into arms all over the country. We will be going out again…

Alaia's New Neutrals | Best New York Shopping Tours


Camel, Caramel and More. The New Neutrals.

February 28, 2021

Are you always looking for something new? Spring 2021 is going to be remembered as a different sort of spring for many reasons. We are emerging from the pandemic slowly, and designers and stores are starting to realize that when you deliever spring clothing in Janaury and February, most customers in the Northern part of…

New Shoes For Sale | NYC Private Shopping Tour


Going Feet First Into The New Year

January 17, 2021

Are you always looking for something new? I always look for shoes. You should be going feet first into the New Year. Shoe designers have been working on unusual designs this seasons. Boots are still super important. If you are a stiletto lover, this may not be the season for you. But if you love…

Bag these new bags | Shopping Tours in NYC


Looking for Something New? Bag These.

January 5, 2021

2021 is here. It’s extremely nice to have 2020 in the rearview mirror. Are you looking for something new? New bags perhaps? The design elves have been working very inventing wonderful new bags. All sorts of of bags, in all sizes and materials are waiting for you. When you are looking for something new, look…