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Celebrating Chloe

Celebrating Chloe

It’s a new year. And there are many interesting exhibitions on in New York at the moment. One show, at the Jewish Museum, focuses on

Black outfits for the Holidays

Black for the Holidays

December is here, and one thing stands out when you go shopping. Stores are filled with black for the holidays and beyond. Of course there

Grey Outfits Look Good For Fall

Grey Looks Good For Fall

Fall is here, and one thing stand out when you hit the stores. Grey looks good for fall.. What’s so interesting is that so many

It's Time To Dress Up

It’s Time To Dress Up

Fall is here, and new collections have arrived in stores everywhere. What’s so interesting is that so many of the new arrivals are outfits that

The News in SHoes

The News In Shoes

Fashion is still a bit stuck this fall. The past year or so had featured lots of clunky boots, plenty of sneakers, and more stilettos

wear this, Relax, it's summer

Relax, It’s Still Summer

August is almost gone, the weather in New York is warm, with many sunny days. Life remains much more casual these days. Everyone is living