Winter seems to have moved on, except for a few days here and there. New York is warm this April, with many sunny days. Life remains much more casual these days. Spring fashion is also refreshing it’s look with a healthy dose of prints. From contemporary to designer price points, you can say it with prints in any language. There are so many new kinds of prints this season. It is easy to stand out with prints. Small scale, large or in between, there are many variations to choose from. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in New York with a NYC private shopping tour. Let’s explore some of the new finds.

Colorful looks

Large scale florals look fresh. Especially placed prints such as these. What could be overwhelming ,is actually flattering. Alice+Olivia gets it right.

A shirt dress with prints

Alexander McQueen does a large scale rose print for this classic shirt dress. When you add a print this scale it elevates the look to a one of a kind look.

Black ground floral

A placed multicolor floral maxi dress from Camilla is easy to wear, and makes a colorful statement.

A dress with lily prints

And this Alice+Oliviamaxi dress features large tulips, scattered across a black ground. A good alternative to roses. The plunging neckline makes it even more fun.

A dress with large flowers

A mini dress from Oscar de la Renta features oversize embroidered flowers accents with lily of the valley and carefully drawn leaves. The net base lightens the dress up.

Summer dress with prints

Zimmerman does a maxi dress with a cut out waist detail in a medium-large soft floral print. The print has a vintage feel.

Dolce Gabbana dress

Dolce & Gabanna shirrs a sexy cocktail dress covered in a bold floral bouquet print. Mixing violet, yellow, pinks and reds works.

Evening dresses with prints

There are floral prints for evening too. A very large scale black and white floral from Jason Wu is a stand out. The pink brocade dress in front of it lacks the power of the large print.

Delicate floral prints

And Zimmerman goes wild for soft vine-related prints in shade of violet. Whether on a white ground, or a dark one, these are perfect summer dresses.

A romantic dress

Mini-flowers look good too. There seems to be a lot of smocking this season. And mixing a soft blue floral with a smocked waist and deep v-neck has a nice boho feel.

vintage looking fowers on a dress

Small roses carpet a multi seamed and ruffled baby-doll dress from Doen. Soft, vintagey, dresses are found everywhere this season.

A quiet vintage look

Marni does a very off beat floral that also has a vintage feel. But it is anything but vintage. The sepia tones look crisp against the white ground.

A large scale pattern on a dress

Valentino scales up prints in a gryphon design in this chic pyjama set. The feather cuffs are a good finishing touch. And the rust brown hue is strong. Not a sleepy look.

Dreeses with swirling prints

Dries Van Noten always does interesting prints. The abstract flowing geometric prints are brought to like with a contraast border print, and a striped border. A very fresh look.

Yellow dress with bandana print

Bandana like paisley prints also look interesting. Zimmerman does a plunging neckline high-waisted dress utilizing carefully laid out bandana motifs. The look is classic, but different.

Black halter dress

In another riff on a bandana, Sea mixes small flowers and paisleys with patterned border prints. There is nothing fussy about these prints.

A smocked dress with prints

Sea also offers an interesting print that utilizes some of the elements of a bandana print, but re-arranges them. The top of the sress is smocked. The bows on the shoulder are a bit too much for me.

A bright dress

This is a colorful rendition of a bandana print. Easy to wear, and simple, a good summer look.

A spring look

Marni also collages their sepia floral print. It’s like shaking a scrap book. They have paired it with their signature striped mohair sweater. Visually ok, but who wants to wear mohair in summer?

Loud spring print

There are tropical prints in stores too. Farm Rio is a relatively new, popular, Brazilian brand that is known for its prints. This fun “picture postcard” print screams summer.

Colorful fruit with prints

This sunny sundress has a lovely tropical fruit print. It is also from Farm Rio. The other fun detail is the bare back at the empire bust seam.

A look from Comme Des Garcons

Comme des Gargons used this conversational print on several garments. Children with cherub like faces cover this dress. Ruffles are collaged over the faces to blur them artistically. This is not a print for the faint of heart.

mismatched patterns

Dries Van Noten is well known for mixing prints. And colors. Here a green skirt with sunburst sequin embroidery is paired with a casual camp shirt in a small geometric print. A one of a kind look.

Signature Geometric looks with prints

Or you can opt for something more classic. A Pucci print always looks good. These stylized geometric prints have been around for almost 70 years. Yet they look modern, vintage modern. in the new collections the design team is redoing their favorite patterns in distinctly non-Pucci colors. What’s old is new in this case.