NYC Private Shopping Tour

Relax, It’s Still Summer

wear this, Relax, it's summer

August is almost gone, the weather in New York is warm, with many sunny days. Life remains much more casual these days. Everyone is living in denim and laid back jackets and sweaters. From contemporary to designer price points, there are so many new casual looks to take advantage of. Nothing is over the top. We can relax, as it’s still summer until late in September. Even when back to school or back in the office, there are many ways to dress for a casual life. Relaxed or over-the-top, there are many variations to choose from. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in New York with a NYC private shopping tour. Let’s explore some of the new finds.

Slouchy casual denim for summer

Slouchy pants are still with us. Isabel Marant offers a cool pair featuring lots of cargo pockets. If crop-tops aren’t your thing, try a longer wider tee.

deconstructed denim looks good

These jeans are “distressed” in a novel way.They are loose and low-sling, but the subversive cut is fun.

A very relaxed jacket for Marant

Isabel Marant also makes some unusual denim jackets. This one riffs on the cargo look too, but in a totally different manner. The pockets resemble different layers on the overiszed jacket.

Relax in designer clothing

Prada is certainly going more casual. Denim overalls with the Prada triangle logo will set you back over $2,000.00. The shirts are a bit more. In this case casual does not mean easy.

relax in denim served with humor

Alice and Olivia always has fun. Clothing to relax in is not an exception. Wearing these casual pieces will let you smell the roses.

McQueen denim is sophiticated

Alexander McQueenis always more structured and constructed with their looks. These pieces are very casual for the brand. And very desirable.

Slightly dresses up denim

Sacai stays true to her roots too. The relaxed jacket is pretty classic for the designer, but pairing it with an asymmetric skirt brings the look into her DNA.

Denim and plaids look good

Miu Miu has capitalized on super-short skirts for the last couple of years. Here the denim jacket gets cropped, so that the pocket linings show. And decorative rhinestones are added to the baggy jeans and the ever so short skirt. And the prices are in line with Prada’s. The jeweled skirt costs over $3,000.00. This is a different type of statement dressing.

Relax in leather and denim

Khaite goes from day to night. The cool oversized leather moto jacket looks great with the cropped baggy jeans. The red pussy-bow blouse underneath dresses the look up considerably.

AN easygoing denim skirt

Zimmerman doesn’t do a lot of denim. But this flared denim skirt is super cool. It’s a change of look for them, but it’s a piece to look for.

Denim looks good when decorated

And decorated denim is back everywhere. These rhinestone pieces are fun, and they don’t cost a fortune. And they are very versatile. Re Done says that you are free to mix and match.

A casual blazer is dressed up

Area updates a blazer by cutting it in denim, and then places rhinestone patterns strategically on the borders of the jacket. A good look to dress up or down.

relax is decorated denim

Silverlake does rhinestoned and decorated denim too, in an off-white. Teamed with a chocolate blouse, the jewels look a bit tamer.

Patchwork denim looks chic

Head to toe denim is a casual look this season. In the past decade or so, it was frowned upon. But it’s back. The patched jeans would also work with non-denim tops, and the shirt could move on too.

relax in head to toe denim this season

And this head to toe look is completely paired back. You could not get more simple.

Dressy denim looks good

The duo from Veronica Beard add their touch to this suit. The denim and tweed is very chic. It can work in most office situations. It is an in-town relaxed outfit.

color denim is makes a casual statement

Colored denim tends mostly to neutrals this season. Shorts, a shirt, and a tonal tee shirt from Mother are clean and casual. Nothing sloppy here.

Mix denim of dirrerent colors

Frame on the left and Joe’s on the right use the same tones. Frame pairs their jeans with a stone studded shirt. Denim skirts look right this season. A nice way to relax. Joe’s skirt and shirt fit the bill.

relax in colored denim

The team from MM6 pairs their wide legged colored denim with a cropped black jacket, and a twisted top. A bit of avant garde please.

A wrapped dress says relax

Pretty much all of the R13 clothing is relaxed. It’s in the brand’s DNA. This interesting take on a shirt dress mimics a two piece look, but it is not.

A distresses jacket is easy

And R13 certainly know how to relax tailoring. You pay extra for the artistic sprays of white paint, and the hand distressed details. Casual, but different and new.

Artfully casual clothing

Maison Margiela loves turning things inside out and doing ironic twists on their pieces. A shetland sweater is a perfect example.

relax in Gucci

Gucci relaxes, in its own way. The white beach cover up is very relaxed for them, as is the logo tee shirt under the jacket. Life is good these days. Simple is better than complicated.