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Put Your Boots On The Ground

Moon Boots on the Ground | NYC Private Shopping Tour

WInter is here. Life remains casual. The stores are full of all kinds of sneakers and boots this season. It is sort of hard to find shoes. Designers want you to put your boots on the ground this season. One question as to how to make fall looks stand out is simple. Chosing an interesting pair of boots is not such a bad idea.. There are so many different kinds available. Included are also a few other hints of what’s to come later this season and in the spring. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in the New York. Let’s explore how to put your boots on the ground.

Bottega Boots on the ground

Bottega Veneta offers different looks. The colorful souls are certainly fun, or you could go for their rubber boot, a corner of which is pictured at the top left.

Sock boots hit the ground

Chanel has a cosier take on winter boots with a sock cuff and the signature quilted and toe logo. Discretely say you are wearing Chanel.

Rockstud Boots on the ground

Valentino votes for chunky boots too. Even the Rockstud gets a little heftier.

Tough shoes and boots on the ground

Miu Miu offers a seriously punk inspired boot, and even the chunky loafers are super-soled.

Logo boots on the ground

Vuitton is a bit more discrete, offring a tonal printed logo with a twist-like metal closure.

Tough Boots on the ground

Chanel adds some chunky soles, and offers a pop of color. Black is great, but sometimes enough is enough.

Gucci boots on the ground

Guccii has a bit flashier pair of boots that Vuitton, but the double logo seems to be a trend.

Ground Boots Vivier

These fancy take on a combat boot from Vivier uses their signature rhinestone buckle to good effect.

Chloe Moon Boots on the ground

And Moon Boots are the new designer look. Chloe teamed up with Moon Boot to do a very special , and obviously, more expensive version.

Winter boots on the ground

Isabel Marant goes moony too with this white technical fabric pair.

Moon boots on the ground

Valentino likes the moon effect too. These might be a bit easier to walk in.

Fur boots hit the ground

Fuzzy takes on fall boots are a hit this year. Miu Miu likes these for aprez-ski. And if you don’t ski, just use them for a cosy feel.

Fuzzy Chanel Boots

Chanel adds their logo C’s in shearling to these sensible winter boots.

Shearling Boots on the ground

Roger Vivier does shearling too. The rhinestone buckle takes these boots out of Ugg territory.

Puffy boots on the ground

Are you in to really snuggly? These down filled booties from Louis Vuitton will do the trick. And you can comfortably put your boots on the ground.

White boots on the ground

Fendi offers this sophisticated pair of lace-ups in winter white. These look very new and definately not clunky. The embossed logo is subtle.

Pink boots for winter

Christian Louboutin chimes in with color too. These graceful boots come in pink, as well as a soft blue shade.

Colorful Boots for fall

The LV Territory boot comes in red and a pale pink. The leather is given a rubberized treatment, The look of leather as plastic is intriguing, the dipped in color effect.

Platform boots on the ground

Also new on the horizon are Prada’s patterned platform boots. This is a trend to watch, as more and more designers are adding platforms to their collections.

Platform boots on the Ground

Chloe’s sock boot also has a slight platform. The lighter color is nice too. The fall collection had a lot of neutrals in all categories.

Decorative Boots for winter

There are some dressy boots this year. Dolce Gabbana does their initials as heels. Is it good luck for people to walk on your name?

Buckle clogs

Clogs are back this season. Hermes is sold out of their buckled designs, but some are still available from Gucci.

Clogs with platform soles

And Dolce Gabbana does platform clogswith their logo wedged in.

Clogs on the ground

And Gucci also does a 70’s stripe strapped clog. Easier to walk in than a regular clog. And warmer with the fur lining.

Shearlings Logo slides

Fendi does metal logo heels too with this pair of fuzzy slip-ons. The stylized F heel offers a bouncy walk.

PLatform Heels for winter

St. Laurent revives the platform sandal in a print. Will you get these now, or wait for spring?

Spring Pumps

Balenciaga may have the last word in new pumps. Something that is sorely lacking this season. Boots are great, but nothing works better than a well cut pump.