NYC Private Shopping Tour

Prints Matter This Season

Tropical prints matter this season

Spring is here. Thank goodness. New clothes are flooding stores, and they are pretty much all very happy looks. New trends are emerging. It seems that prints matter this season. Stores are loaded with patterns, and the vast majority of them are florals. There are florals for working and for celebrating. And they are at all price-points. The prints that matter this season are almost always made into dresses. That said, there are some fun pants and skirt in florals as well. And not every pattern is a floral. Add some pattern to your life. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in the New York. Make 2022 a year to shine and stand out.

Floral prints matter this season

Oscar De La Renta loves big florals. This lovely slim waisted dress is extremely flattering. Sunny days are coming soon. Wear this dress to celebrate.

Soft prints matter this season

A large scale brushed floral pattern in pale peaches and pinks says “hello spring”. The new length is gentle.

Bold prints matter this season

Crisp prints look precise. And volume in the sleeves is still an important look this season.

Stand out in prints that matter

A floral border design livens up this dress. The precise rendering of the flowers looks extremely new.

Graceful prints matter this season

There two dresses are more romantic. Both are in pink, a trending color this year. But each pattern is different, they are delicate in different ways. They both say patterns matter this season.

Floral prints matter this spring

And this puff sleeved dress is in an even more delicate print. The hint of pink and the embroidery add to the make this a stand out piece.

Small prints matter this spring

Isabel Marant patches together very delicate prints in her boho blouse. Any one of there prints on its own would be a little too ditzy to work. But pieced together they look very modern.

Wear a printed midi skirt this spring

Plan C, the new line from the designer who conceived Marni, cuts a dress in a vibrant all-over floral print. The proportions of the length and the bottom ruffle are just right.

Colorful prints for spring

Farm Rio brings you a trove of very happy wild prints straight from Brazil. The brand works happy patterns with abandon.

Printed dresses work for spring

Black and dark grounds on patterns are a sophisticated option. The scattered flowers in bright colors pop. And the black shoes ground the outfit.

Dark ground prints matter this spring

Chloe offers a mini floral with a dark ground. The side cutouts are de rigeur this year. Just make sure you are in good shape when you put this dress on.

Cheerful prints for spring

Alice and Olivia makes a very happy dress with an exploding floral motif. The rainbow patterned shirt on the table is pretty cool too.

Bold prints matter this spring

These dark ground patterns are also from Farm Rio. The non-floral approach to prints also looks very good.

Bold prints matter for spring

And this abstract, dark ground pattern from Dries Van Noten is fashion forward. The mix of colors is a work of art.

Bold new prints for spring

This group of bias stripes uses an ombre effect. This is also a nice way to wear a pattern that has more strength. The rich colors all work well together.

Pants with prints matter this season

These ombre tie-dye patterned pants are a perfect summer look. The acidic yellow pops the darker colors with panache. Of course these are from Dries Van Noten.

Abstract prints matter this spring

And Mr Van Noten also does this easy shirtdress in a vivid tie-dye inspired print. No-print prints are sometimes a very good option.

Graphic prints stand out

Are you color adverse? Then try this abstract patterned black and white coat from Alexander McQueen. The sharp graphics, and the clean cut are classic.

Black and white prints matter this spring

Jonathan Anderson of Loewe reverses the colors on his coat. The ground is black, and the flowers are white. The tiny stripes keep the patterns in focus.

Spring prints matter

Another option for black and white is a small geometric. The triangular cut-out at the waist mimics the halter. White stripes band this dress too.

Wear a printed skirt this spring

There are floarl skirts this season too. Floral perk up a beige jacket. And the bare midriff is de rigeur this year.

Wear prints this season

A tiny skirt and a big top in an abstract floral are a fun way to wear patterns. Designers are played with all sorts of volumes this year.

Bold prints matter this spring

Oscar de la Renta cuts a very chic and young suit. The shorts are a nice start. But adding the bold floral pattern really turns it up a notch.

Printed shorts matter this spring

Stella Jean likes shorts too. She uses a very bright abstract pattern that does not really match. The casual lookis sharpened with the pattern.

Butterfly prints matter this spring

Another option that is non- floral is butterflies. It is an unusual, but happy choice.

Have fun, wear prints

And speaking of unusual, Moschino toys with nursery prints this season. An oversize hoodie with delightful animals in pastel hues is a lighthearted approach to spring this year.