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New Bags to Spring For This Season.

A Chic Spring Shoulder bag

Shoulder forth in style this season. There is wonderful selection of handbags to be seen this season, online or in stores when they do reopen. If you are lucky enough to live in a state where you can pick items up from the store right now you can get your bags to spring for now. In an earlier piece we looked at structured bags vs soft and pouchy ones. Now let’s explore another type of bag.

Shoulder bags are still a major trend. Chanel, of course, was the first designer to make a shoulder bag. She was tired of having to always carry a purse. In 1929 she added a strap to a bag, inspired by the straps on soldiers bags. It was considered slightly improper at the time. I often wonder what Chanel would think of our world today. She was the first to tie comfort and style when creating her signature looks. Come find what to look for when you want to find new bags to spring for, shoulder bags of course. Please continue to self distance and wear a mask out of consideration to others as well as yourself. Why not come on a tour of what might grab your imagination and make you dream a little bit.

Don't back off, wear Chanel bags

Naturally let’s look at Chanel’s many offerings this season. These two each have new twists to the double C logo.The white bag is decorated with pearls, another Chanel favorite.

Chanel white chain shoulder bags

Here is another great update to the pearly look, a clutch like handle. The lower one spells the Chanel name out. Chanel bags may cost a fortune, but they do not go out of sale, and they have an extremely high resale value.

Swing into spring with these Chanel bags

Denim is big this season. I love the denim bag in the center. The other two bags have interesting shapes as well. The quilting is a bit different on each bag. These are classics for sure.

Shoulder boxes from Chanel

Chanel’s take on the box bag is also fabulous. The bag is a bit softer than that of other brands, and the wrap around strap is clever. So is a tweed bag.

Chanels take on a spring shoulder purse

This clutch/shoulder bag is a modern classic. The coat is fabulous to. An over sized denim casual jacket lined in a signature tweed is on my wish list. This is one of your bags to spring for.

Dior Saddle bags are updated for spring

Dior is always updating the Saddle Bag. John Galliano created this bag for Spring 2000, and shown in 2019. This is a great update to the bag, the heavy decorative wider strap gives you more ways to wear the bag.

Marc Jacobs bags for Spring

Marc Jacobs decorates his shoulder strap as well. And he pays homage to Chanel with his take on quilting.

Sunny Spring colors for this bag

Jonathan Anderson, the designer at Loewe, invented the Puzzle bag back in 2014. It is an intricate bag, with many, many pieces of leather and lining.The bag has had many iterations, and this season Mr. Anderson added embroidery to the bag for a sunny touch.

Spring bags from Loewe

The Puzzle was also adapted for men. One of Loewe’s other extremely popular group of bags are the Animal bags. There are many sizes of adorable Mice, Rabbits and Elephants and other animals in many materials. Feel good bags for these uncertain times, indeed.

McQueen Chain Shoulder Bags

Alexander McQueen updated their Ring clutch bags, into a small convertible shoulder/clutch bag in several sizes. A beautiful mixture.

Colors of sprig bags

Miu Miu produce many cool shoulder bags this season. This one is a nice update of the matelasse quilted bags. This ones come in many colors and have chain and crystal shoulder straps. The strap can come off and the bag can be used as a clutch. It also comes with a separate leather shoulder strap.

Carry the jeweled spring bag from Miu Miu

This bag, also from Miu Miu is a wonderful mixed message. The shape is a classic daytime shape. The delicate floral rhinestone beading takes the bag in a dressier direction. Wear it with jeans or a white dress.

Miu Miu embroidered shoulder bag

The same model of the bags is also embellished with colorful ethnic embroidery. I love the mixture of chain and leather in the shoulder strap.

Chloe convertible Shoulder bags

Chloe offers an interesting take on the convertible bag. The small metal handle is jaunty. The metal chain strap makes it much easier to wear.

Fendi makes the best bags for spring

The newest version of the Fendi PeekABoo is made by hand. Small strips of leather are laced together to create an airy bag. While not shown in this photo, the bag comes with a shoulder strap so you can use it hands free.

Get A Fendi bag for spring

This season’s Baquette comes with a shoulder strap, and the embossed logo blending in in the beige and popping in metallic colors. This is a bag for all collectors bag for all seasons.

Vuitton Twist bags for spring

The Louis Vuitton Twist has been around for a few years. This years bright colors look so right. And the chain and leather handle works well with the Vuitton logo that is front and center on the bag. Make this one of your bags to spring for this season.

Valentino Spring Bag

Valentino also offers a structured shoulder bag featuring the newly designed logo. The pure white of the bag and the logo are a summer statement for sure.

Prada Woven leather Spring shoulder Bag

Prada has some very cool bags with handwoven details as well. They are both structured, and a little more relaxed. The detailing works on both models.Hands up for these bags.

Shouldr bag from Off-White

Virgil Abloh’s Off White adds a variation to his black and white logo to the front of this cool version of a shoulder bag.

Gucci Cube Spring Bag

This new shape from Gucci ads a new dimension to a shoulder bag. Their signature colors are worked into a geometric cubist shoulder bag.

Loewe Mouse Bag this spring

It’s sort of a stretch to call this a shoulder bag, but this adorable Loewe wrist bag with the mouse is also a must have bag.

A Leopard Miu Miu shoulder bag

Animal prints are showing up on bags this spring. Miu Miu’s structured shoulder bag is spot on.

A zebra print spring Bag

Zebra looks especially fresh and springlike.

Animal prints are it for spring

More animal prints from Dolce&Gabbana and Balenciaga in more constructed shapes look great. Both of these bags come with detachable shoulder straps so you can choose how to wear your bag.

Stud details on an Alaia Spring bag

Azzedine Alaia offers a wonderful structured bag with stud detailing. This bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

Dior loves bags this spring

Shoulder straps also come with these Lady Dior bags. Wear the Mini in black or the larger one in the fantastic ethnic print.

Chloe likes fringe for spring

And if you are feeling the boho spirit this spring, the fringed Chloe bag will complete you look. The strap it comes with will let you wear it cross body to complete you fashion statement.