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Must-Have Bags To Look For This Summer

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When you go shopping this summer for must-have bags, please, if you only buy one bag this summer, make it a straw bag. The trend started last year, and came back stronger than ever in 2019. Gucci is even featuring them at their Montauk pop-up next month. The bags come in all sizes and shapes, and in every price point. Designers have take the concept and made hundreds of variations on a theme. The bags are authentic and natural. Grass, banana leaves, raffia, rush, rattan, willow, cane, and palm are only some of the materials used to make straw bags. They are produced all around the world, hence the many different materials. The one from Gucci above is a softly woven pattern with a leather handle, and the GG logo.

A Rachel Comey straw and leather handbag
A Chloe fabric wrapped straw bag

Shopping for a must-have bag that is slightly more casual? Rachel Comey’s straw and leather bag is very citified. The leather is hand-laced onto the bag with straw threads. The Chloe basket straw bag looks great with the signature print fabric pouch worked into the leather closure. This bag says Chloe boho in a big way. Either of these must-have bags would add a snappy cool-girl touch to your outfits.

A Sacai straw clutch bag
Sacai straw and leather handbag

Sacai, the label from the Japanese designer Chitose Abe, has just started producing bags. These straw bags are clean and cool, with the labels name embroidered on the side of the bag. Worked with leather these are very clean and summerfied city must-have bags.

A straw beach bag with humor
Colorful straw beach bags

Straw bags have meant beach bags for decades. The new beach bags are often presented with cheeky quotes on the side. Your opinion is your weapon. Even the more classic beach bags get a design upgrade with rows of fringe to decorate them. And the smaller straw bags in the bright colors are even good for carrying around the city.

A straw beach bag embroidered with leaves
Colorful straw beach bags

These straw bags are embroidered and embellished. They are slightly more structured and could hang out in the city as well as going to the beach. The green leaf embroidery is done in raffia as well, making the entire bag natural. The vintage inspired embroidery on the right is also done with raffia. The small round bag has beads worked into the straw.

A crossbody straw bag in NYC
A straw bag with white leather trim in NYC

There are summer straw bags all over the city at all price points. Just like the luxury market, there are a ton of great options available, A fisherman-like cross-body bag is simple and casual. A straw bag trimmed in white leather says summer loud and clear. These are go-to-work bags that can also go out to dinner.

A sleek straw clutch bag in NYC
A table full of novelty straw bags in NYC

A straw clutch bag is a fun way to wear straw bags. Neat, clean and discrete. Take a look at the table full of novelty straw bags. No two are alike. The mix of shapes and materials shows how versatile straw is as a creative medium. Since they are made in so many countries, with so many different techniques, the bags all have different personalities.

Pink straw bags in NYC
Straw and leather bags in NYC

These straw bags are more formal. Pink straw bags are pretty, especially when framed in metal. And leather trimmed straw bags are given a lift by mixing in more colors and shapes. Constructed bags are an incoming trend that has staying power. When you add some straw into the mix, you give the bag a summer vibe.

Different kinds of straw bags in NYC

There are so many different shapes and kinds of straw bags for sale in New York, Caning is used to make bags, and some designers add decorative self applique to the bags. Finding it hard to choose which one you might want? Well, at least the price point is lower than an all leather bag. Perhaps you can indulge yourself in a few of them?

Vintage straw hat and bags in NYC
A vintage straw bag

Straw bags have been around forever. Chic vintage bags abound all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. 40’s style bags look chic with leather trim. And the hats are amazing as well. A cool briefcase bag is an unusual shape and will look great with more minimal looks.

An embroidered vintage straw beach bag
A vintage straw backpack

The vintage straw beach bag is a perennial favorite. These two have naif embroideries. The checked one to the rear adds texture with the interesting background. I love the ombre backpack trimmed with leather, Both bags are boho, and unlike any of the newer bags.

Straw bags can even be downright silly. This feather trimmed bucket bags will certainly stand out anywhere you choose to take it. These are the ultimate must-have bags to shop for. Want to find the best straw bags for you? Shop with us and find them. Book a NYC Private Shopping Tour.