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Mid Winter Fun

Mid Winter Fun

It is still winter, but spring is around the corner. One thing stands out when you go shopping. Stores believe in outfits that offer mid winter fun. Although our lives have become extremely casual these days, much of clothing found in stores now is dressy, with a lot of sparkle. And it is just not in New York. Stores in Paris and London feature the same paradox. Most of these outfits are not day to night dressing. They are looks to wear for parties and dinners. Some looks are red hot trendy, and others are more classic. Both look good. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in New York with a NYC private shopping tour. Let’s explore some of the new finds, and have some mid winter fun.

Mix media mid winter dressing

Miucca Prada’s collection is filled with sparkly things. One of the things she is exploring this season are different, vintage inspired, dresses in a pale tulle covered in sparkles. These dresses are worn under tailored coats and jackets. The fun is in the contrast. Find this on a NY shopping tour.

Sleek mid winter dressing

This simple, slinky look oozes ease. The subtle use of tonal beads ups the glam quotient.

A fun sculptural sequin dress

This is a dress for a toned body. Cut outs are popular this season. In this case there are areas that are fully sequined for emphasis.

Fun sequins head to toe

PatBo wants you to have mid winter fun in this outfit. The red sequin cargo skirt is casual dressy, and the longer length is elegant. Pair it with a white sequined tee shirt, and it works.

Fun sequin clothes for mid winter

Tanner Fletcher is an emerging designer brand. They marry retro looks with the new. They have taken this pj inspired outfit, and made it in a sweet floral print that is then done in pave sequins. Casual, yet dressy.

Sporty fun silver dress

And a sequined “uniform” dress looks sharp. Geoffrey Beene was the first to to do sequined football jersey uniform dresses in the 60’s. The tradition continues today.

A sequined trim winter tweed suit

Even tailored clothing is getting a bit of sparkle. This sleek nubbly wool sheath dress and jacket from Valentino has both pieces embellished with sequin flowers. The zip closure give the outfit a sporty feel.

Fun with a tweed evening gown

Balmain always likes dressy looks for all occasions. This long dress is done in a sparkly lurex tweed. Rhinestone buttons can be a brand signature. Here they emphasize the silver lures.

A Mid winter military look

Schaiparelli used decorative buttons too. The oversized shoulders, and the use of chains, dresses this look up. The seaming at the waist and hip is interesting as well.

Black lace for winter dressing

There is a ton of lace around too. This long, easy dress from Zimmerman is fairly seasonless. And with the inner lining a bit more cut out on top, and above the knee below, if does transparency easily.

Mid winter lace dress

Lace mixes with sheers, which mix with solids. This look from Simkai adds a border-lace ruffle to a fitted minidress. Though totally simple, the look is intriguing.

A fun lace trimmed dress

And this short slip dress marries a floral lace top with a solid skrt. Simple, but effective.

Tulle and Beads are a fun combination

A dress with a stoned and nailheaded empire bodice tops a series of ruched tulle ruffles. A dress fit for an ingenue and whoever wears this will have mid winter fun.

A Sheer Black resort dress

And Khaite offers a wrapped chiffon column over a simple satin slip. Two easy pieces make for an interesting look. Stylish simplicity.

A mix media dress is fun

Lingerie looks work too. This is another mixed media dress. The top is constructed and shaped, and a slip like panel is added at the bottom, mixing satin and fine, white lace.

Sophisticated fun dresses

Light and airy, this dotted swiss tulle dress works all year round.

Fun nail head trimmed dress

And empire mini dress, studded with nailheads, is not as flashy in it’s embellishment. This piece too comes from Simkai. If you want something a bit more heard-edged this would be a good choice.

A Bead Trimmed Coat

Coats come with embellishments too. This wool coat from Dries Van Noten looks sort of like a dress, with the white collar and beaded placket. But a coat it is, and it fits with the ease of all of his coats.

A white dress and sweater

Easy does it, with this embellished satin dress and sweater coat from Ralph Lauren. The embroidery is tonal, and offers a cocooned approach to dressing.

A feathered outfit for winter

There are also loads of feather trims around this season. This look comes from Miu Miu. The brand does dresses with the same treatment too. The bias cut satin skirt and top move gracefully.

A mid winter satin look

This bias cut satin dress from Loewe is more discreet, but still sexy. And brown seems to be a trending color.

A mid winter velvet dress

Maria Cornejo uses brown too, in a beautifully draped velvet dress. The plush fabric provides the embellishment here.

Silver fabrics shine for winter

While most of these fun pieces work for me, there is something about the outfit on the left that seems to be a bit of a joke. It is more lounge wear, and ill fitting. The tightly fit top has no ease to it. While the dress on the right can take you many places in the evening, the one of the left should not be seen in public