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Knits With A Twist

Knits with a twist mix it up

Sweaters and other knits are all over the stores this season. Knits are back, but you knew that. Short, long, casual and dressy. We are living the knitted life. The best knits are knits with a twist. A literal twist to reveal some skin, fitted dresses, crochet and more crochet, and riffs on 80’s vintage sweaters. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in the New York with a NYC private shopping tour. Let’s explore some interesting knits with a twist that make a statement.

Knits work head to knee

Knits are many things this season. They can be a bit fun and funky, like this cardgian and skirt with a coordinating bag. Knits with a twist are always fun.

Sexy knits with a twist

Or they can be sleek and sophisticated like this subtle shoulder baring sweater from Prada.

A knit dress with a twist

Bare midriffs and cut-outs are a big trend this season. This marled knit dress ties the top and the skirt together with some waist-wrapping fun.

A sexy knit with a twist

Or this twisted top that deftly bares a midriff. One has to be in tip-top shape to wear these pieces. This is certainly one of the knits with a twist.

A knit top with a twist

This sweater mixes a tank top with a cutaway kind of bolero for some peek-a-boo fun. And high waisted jeans are a must have.

A summer twin set

This is not your average twinset. There are many bra-tops around this season, and this set is certainly on target.

Knits head to toe for spring

The pink bra works under the cardi behind it. And the patterning on the bra has a touch of the 80’s.

A dress that is knit with a twist

This sleek dress plays with the ethos of cutouts. The holes are small, and a cord is delicately twisted through the dress.

A slinky sweater dress

Galvan London created this body-con sumer dress. The shape and the color are spot on for this season.

Knit dresses for spring

Monse offers another body-con dress that fits in all the right places.

a two tone sweater dress

This two-tone dress sports cutouts along the side seam. The color-blocking is actually very slimming.

A sleek sweater dress

And not every dress has to be super sexy. This pretty orange dress from Proenze Schouler is a bit on the prim side. The fringe adds a nice touch.

Knit dressing from Bottega

Bottega Veneta offers a knit skirt and sweater set in an acidy green. The outfit is clean and alluring.

Chloe Knits with a twist

The new Chloe collection is full of knits. The crocheted tunics are much copied. And the simple patterend crochet-like knit dress is a clean look for summer.

crochet tunic for spring

And here is one of the Chloe knock-offs. Much more affordable, it shows how important crochet is this season.

A knit crochet tank top

This hand crocheted top is made from strips of fabric. It has even more texture, and a wealth of colors.

Crochet knit dresses

Crochet is a statement this season in dresses too. When this coral one goes on the body, it will be shaped to the wearers body.

A long crochet dress

This crochet dress plays with different stitches. Dress it up, or dress it down.

knits with a twist for spring

This hand done short set is for the young customer who wants to flaunt her body. Why not?

crochet knits with a twist

Ulla Johnson prposes this vintagey crochet top with a sweet peplum.

A very fancy sweater

Simone Rocha likes 80’s vintage looks too. The mixed stitch cargigan trimmed with pearls is charming.

Am emgroidered sweater

Redone also riffs on an 80’s vintage vibe with lines of small hand embroidered flowers.

an 80's vibe jacquard sweater

Ralph Lauren goes back to his preppy roots and offers a slew of jacquards.

A knit cardigan with an 80's vibe

Cardigans are in fashion this year. A classic mixed stitch cardigan goes well over a chambray shirt.

A margiela cardigan that is a knit with a twist

John Galliano for Margiela loves holes. The dropped stitches with the laddering as decorative accents is a signature.

A knit cardigan

Mother interprets a classic wrap cardigan with jacquard patterns.

A fairy-tale patterned knit

Undercover offers a jacquard cardigan with space age motifs. The whimsical patterns make for a fun summer.

Knits are fun this season

This sweaters is a happry ode to flower power. Knits are a trend this season, but a trend with many possibilities. Take your pick, and make a statement every day.