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It’s Time To Dress Up

It's Time To Dress Up

Fall is here, and new collections have arrived in stores everywhere. What’s so interesting is that so many of the new arrivals are outfits that are showing you how to dress up this season. From contemporary to designer price points, there are so many new sophistcated and dressy looks to take advantage of. There are sleek and sexy outfits, with some softer silhouettes thrown in. If casual clothing rules daytime dressing, the stores are inviting their customers to dress up for the dinners and events this season. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in New York with a NYC private shopping tour. Let’s explore some of the new finds.

Dress up in delicate lace

Oscar de la Renta knows how to flatter women. These lace trimmed pieces are pretty and timeless. And black is always a color that stands out in dressed up dresses.

A dramatic dress up dress

Alexander McQueen offers a sexy black dress that is body-con. A slit shoulder and a jeweled belt add allure and glamour to what could have been a basic dress.

A Black draped evening dress

Schiaperelli drapes a liquid column with a large keyhole at the center. It is really shaped like an old fashioned keyhole. A gold necklace finishes it off.

A Gold Painted Coat

Dries Van Noten loves dressy looks this season. Even his daywear has some luxe touches that take them out of the ordinary. A coat for day or hight has a broad silk screen print in gold marking the waist.

Dress Up in a Brocade Dress

And Mr. Van Noten also pairs gold brocade with black. This is a somewhat casual silhouette that works for evening because of the dressy fabrics used.

Dress Up In Tom Ford

And Tom Ford, who practically invented sex infused evening wear, has a winner here. The placed cut-outs are done on a base of mesh. It’s hide and seek dressing.

A Dressy Sequin Suit

Festive sequins are in style this season. A sporty jacket and skirt from Theory gets a dressy edge when it is covered with black sequins.

Lots of Sequins this season

This slinky silver sequin dress sits among forty or so different sparkling numbers. This is a serious suggestion to take dressing up seriously.

Dress up in red sequins

And if you are looking for a more avant-garde shine, a short red dress could be the one.The belled shape of the skirt is a stand out.

A Dressy Sequin Dress

A turquoise sequin slip dress dresses you up with a different attitude. And with the chiffon hem, it feels light.

A Short Brocade Dress

Valentino offers a slightly more demure way to dress up. The shape is classic, but the intricate jacquard shines bright.

A Slinky Gold Dress

Dries Van Noten pours a liquid gold metallic on to a simple shape. The sparkle makes it stand out.

A Suit Shot With Silver

Looking for something more casual? Missoni delivers a dress and cardigan in a black shot with silver. The texture makes it more sporty.

Liquid Silver Dressing

Ralph Lauren believes in silver too. These two outfits are also more sportswear driven. The lame pants are paired with a sheer blouse with metallic appliques. On the left, the suit with slim silver foil jeans and a blazer are casual luxe.

A Statement in Red

And then there are statement dresses. This one from Alexander McQueen would certainly stand out in a crowd. The draped neckline and the demi-train on the bottom would pair nicely with a pair of high boots.

A Bow Trimmed Dress

A simple dress with an oversize bow is attractive and simple..

A Satin Column

The newest looks are seductive bias draped dresses in silks and satins. The come with a wiff of 1930’s style and glamour.

A Dressy Slip Dress

Slinky slip dresses that are relations to 30′ and 40’s lingerie are back, and they are looking good. They are found in all price points.

A Dressy Slip Dress

Many designers have adopted slip dresses, and use a variety of treatments to trim them. It is the look of the moment.

A Simple Dressy Dress

The dresses are dreamy, and seasonless. The bias cuts drape beautifully. Make a vintage movie star entrance in any of these outfits. Pair them with delicate sandals.

Dressed Up In chiffon dress

Some slip dresses are cut in chiffon, and use the sheer fabric to create trims and straps with a ruched and ruffled effect.

A Sweet Chifon Dress

Chiffon also gets paired with lace. This delicate dress has a lingerie inspiration too, but it is a more demure 40’s feel.

An embroidered chiffon dress

Chiffon is also woven with gold motifs for a dressier feel. There is nothing retro about this dress.

A Sparkly Chiffon Dress

Another chiffon dress from Ulla Johnson is shot with silver threads for a delicate gilttery effect. It is pleated and treated with some hand work that gives the dress texture.

A Delicate Way to Dress Up

And Dries Van Noten goes in a very different, gentle direction for outfits that make an entrance. The pale pink dres is in a shiny sheer brocade. The coat is a very delicate faux fur with a feathery look. A sophisticated and simple look that has a lot of style