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Find Your Sole Mates for Spring

Sole details from Louis Vuitton

Shoes are always an important part of your look. Need some help to find your Sole Mates for Spring? There are shoes galore this season. Sensible or frivolous, easy to wear or challenging, all looking to be discovered this season, online or in stores when they do reopen. Which one you gravitate towards depends on how you dress, obviously. Designers have been working overtime to give you a lot to chose from. Here are the newest more comfortable shoes. Come find what to look for when you want to find your Sole Mates for Spring, while you are self distancing, and protecting yourself and the world from the virus. Why not come on a tour of what might grab your imagination and make you dream a little bit.

Gucci loafers with spring sole

The loafer has been a go to best seller for Gucci for decades. I love this update to the classic horse bit buckle shoe. The platform gives it character, and the heels are in balance. A totally walkable shoe, for sure.

Spring loafers from Gucci

This pair, also from Gucci, features their interlocking G Horse bit buckle. The soft rounded shape is now, yet timeless.

Louis Vuitton Sole mate lace ups

Louis Vuitton features a shoe update to fall lug sole boots, logo derbys. Sensible yet chic. Good for all the long walks you should be taking.

Loafers with soul

The heels on this pair of loafers are built to mimic the LV logo. Add the logo buckle and you find your sole mate for spring right here.

Fendi loafers for spring

Fendi offers a very cool loafer as well. A mid height sling back loafer with chunky sculptural heels is new. And it looks like white is one of the go to colors for the season.

Spring loafers from Chloe are sole mates

Chloe’s cool loafer has laser cuts to make the leather look knitted or woven. This is perfect spring shoe.

Spring finds from Philip Lim

Incorporating woven leather and some tough embellishment, this pair is a nice hybrid shoe. Thank you Phillip Lim.

Spring sole in these shoes from Bottega Veneta

The Bottega Veneta shoe is not a proper loafer, as it has kitten heels. It does do a good job of lifting the loafer to a higher standard. All of these shoes are tweaked classics that are keepers.

Thick soled spring sneakers

Miu Miu sneakers make an impact. They have a little bit of bling and a lot of sole. Sneakers, or trainers, are not going away any time soon. As our lives go casual, so does our footwear.

Miu Miu sparkly spring sole sneakers

Another pair of Miu Miu sneakers has more sparkle and is sleeker. Meant for the customer who doesn’t love the chunky sneaker, this pair will get you around in shiny style.

Gucci puts there spring soles on display

Gucci embraces metallics with this glittering pair. The print contrasts nicely against the lame. A comfortable, but not chunky sneaker for sure.

Chanel spring sneakers

Chanel offers a toned down metallic look, that is sturdy and sporty.

Fendi molded sole sneakers

Fendi takes the chunky clunky route with this multi-color pair. The plaid laces are a perfect touch to tie it all together. And unisex too.

Thin soles of spring shoes Dior

I must admit that I am a fan of Dior Men. I would wear these in a heartbeat in my size. Sneakers don’t have a gender.

Soles for Spring from Dior

Here is another pair of Dior Men’s sneakers that are perfect. An interesting design but not OTT.

Molded soles on Vuitton sneakers

Here are a few of the famous Vuitton Archlight sneakers. Chunky to the max. I wonder if you bounce when you walk in these?

Racy red spring sneakers

Vuitton also does the chunky sneaker with molded soles that are less contorted than the Archlight. A colorful pair.

White soles on navy sneakers

This last pair of LV kicks are more down to earth. They are simpler and almost have a preppy look, which is refreshing.

Thick sole sneakers in green

Here is a new version of the coveted Triple S with a clear sole from Balenciaga. The Triple S was original chunky, clunky sneaker.

Balenciaga thick sole sneakers

The newest Balenciaga is the Track. There is a lot going on in this shoe. The Balenciaga fans will not doubt flock to buy it.

A spring sole mate sneaker

When one sees a Louboutin shoe, one doesn’t normally think of restraint. This beautifully classic with a twist sneaker is a Louboutin.

Tough spring sneakers are your sole mate

This shoe is has more of a Louboutin vibe. The spikes, and the glitzy logo canvas sit well together. And offer comfort with style in spades.

Louboutin boots are full of spring sole

Fall statement footwear featured boots. Chunky boots. Those boots have been updated for spring. These beaded, studded lace-ups from Louboutin mix tough with chic.

Spring boots with sole

These Zadig and Voltaire boots stand out with their studded panels.

Vuitton boots will find spring

Vuitton’s spring combat boots are sweetened with pastel colors.

Festive boots to be your solemate

Miu Miu endorses lace up heeled boots that hark back to the early 20th century. The wild print livens them up and makes them 20th century boots.

Spring for these green boots

The same boot also looks great in solid patent leather

Dior spring forward with tough sole boots

Dior lover tough chic too. The laser cut-outs provide some breathing room and style.

Black soles on white spring boots

Not all boots are clunky. This sleek pair from Phillip Lim is like an ankle boot coupled with a loafer. It’s a great look.

Sharp boots for spring from Gucci

Gucci goes sleek too with these cool updates to the chelsea boot.

Fenty boots are sole mates

Fenty, Rihanna’s fashion venture, loves relaxed gold foil bots with a slim heel. Chic with attitude.

Chic Chanel boots for spring

Chanel offers a great boot in a variety of fabrics. The tweed ones are more on brand, but the mesh ones certainly make a cool statement.

Gucci ankle boots for spring

Gucci loves boots with heels too. This pair hits the spot with the stitched pleats tied around the ankles. You will make a statement when you don this pair.

Winter yields to Spring, and our hard work at staying safe and keeping others safe will help end the pandemic. Keep yourself positive and look to the future. Dreaming a little about what you will wear when you start going out again is a positive thing to do. Find inspiration for spring and summer dressing. Shoes are a girls best friend. I hope you will find your sole mates for spring in the selection offered here.