The Biennale is on in Venice, Italy until November. Visiting in the late spring is a good idea, you want to be there before the summer crowds arrive. There is plenty to see all over the city. As you walk around, one thing you notice is that there are wonderful dogs all over the place. I love the dog days in Venice. There are pups everywhere. And because there are no cars or bicycles here, dogs are free to walk about on their own. Why not come on a tour of some of canals and calles of Venice with a NYC private shopping tour, and discover the dogs of Venice.

A dog in Venice on the Basin di San Marco

This lucky dog gets to trot along the fondamento overlooking the Basin of San Marco. Pups love being free, and having the breeze in their noses.

A dog in Cannaregio on a canal

And they can also be found along smaller canals off the beaten track in neighborhoods like Cannaregio. Maybe this pup was looking for his owners boat.

A Cafe dog

There are outdoor cafes on many of the campos, or squares, in Venice. This lab had his eye on the pigeons on the Campo s. Barnaba.

Dogs by the Doge's Palace

And this shepard was patiently waiting near the Ducal Palace. There are plenty of dogs on the walls of the palace too. Dogs were a symbol of loyalty, and featured guests in paintings here and in the Accademia. Veronese, Carpaccio and others famously portrayed dogs.

A dog staring at at a dinner table

That night in a restuarant near the Rialto market on the Campo Erberia, there were groups of teens and groups of dogs on the edge of the Grand Canal just hanging out and enjoying the mild night.. Anyone who has a dog recognizes the “please feed me” look.

A dog day in venice on a vaporetto

All sorts of dogs are found travelling on the vaporettos (water buses) of Venice. They were all aclimated to the boats rocking with the waves, and the noises of the engines and the ramps connecting to dry land.

A creative leash

This cutie had a an improvised leash that matched her collar. Dogs can travel for days in Venice. Other cities ban pups from public transport, they are welcome here.

Dog days in Venice on a vaporetto

The owners of the poodle were not Italian, and just like the locals, tourists dogs were welcomed everywhere in town.

Dog days in Venice on a vaporetto

These two are Venetian dogs. They were quick to get on and off the boat. And they knew how not to be stepped on.

Dogs doing what they do

And owners always pick up after their dogs. The calles, or streets, of Venice are extremely clean.

A westie crossing a canal

This Westie had its eyes on something on the far side of the bridge. Maybe the cafe on the other side of the canal was the draw?

A pup crossing a bridge

Dogs get good exercise too from going up and down the bridges over the canals.

Dog days in Venice sniffing

And dogs all do what dogs do. But since many of the buildings in Venice go back to the 14th and 15th centuries, there are vast layers of smells to be found.

Pup looking at art

As mentioned before, dogs go everywhere in Venice. Here is one who was taking in an exhibit in a museum. And why not?

A pup at Florain in Venice

And this pup is enjoying the people watching at the 18th century Caffè Florian in the Piazza San Marco. Again these are tourists enjoying the opulent decor.

dog days shopping in Venice

And dogs go shopping in Venice. This one is on the wide Calle Largo XXIII Marzo, with its many designer boutiques. Some of the shops offer items for the canine customers.

A dog day in Venice on San Marco

Dogs in Venice seem to know where they want to go. A wire haired dachshund was pulling across the Piazza San Marco with a determined look in its eye.

A determined pup

A little bit of rain doesn’t slow them down. This guy has a bright rain coat, and knows where he is headed.

I am all ears in Venice

Very few dogs went on the vaporettos with being leashed. This guy did just fine, and was all ears while on the boat. His owner sat nearby.

A cat in the sun

This cat is enjoying a dog day in Venice too. Perched high up on the facade of Il Gesuti kitty was enjoying the sun. This cat has a home, but prefers to hang out on a small piazza.

A Cat exploring in Venice

There was lots of construction in the squares all over Venice. One little cat was searching for mice in a pile of materials. Cats and dogs roam all over Venice, and they are appreciated and adored.