Denim Dreams in lots of shapes

It is spring and sunny days are coming. Everyone is living in denim, laid back jackets and shirts. From contemporary to designer price points, there are so many new casual outfits to look for when you take a shopping tour in New York. Listen to your denim dreams. Whether you work from home, travel to the office or attend school, there are many cool ways to dress for a casual life. Relaxed or over-the-top, there are many variations to choose from. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in New York with a NYC private shopping tour. Let’s explore the new finds.

Super wide jeans and a shirt

Very full, or baggy, jeans are filling the racks. And there are many head to toe denim looks around. While head to toe is not my favroite look, the one with mismatched colors is one way to go.

Wide jeans and a varisty jacket

Or you can just pair the wide leg jeans with a fun tee shirt. Or work a denim varity jacket with a short mini skirt.

Jeans Long and Short

Or pair a pair of cropped wide jeans with a super-long shirt. If that shirt is banded in denim, even better.

Oversized Jeans with attitude

John Galliano plays with wide denim. Here the Margiela jeans have extra room below the hips. And the distressed tears are also placed there. The jeans look good with a cropped sweater.

A Classic Denim Look

The classic way to wear jeans is with a button down shirt. And a tonal one looks very good.

Jeans and shirts

Or you can pair a wide cuffed wide jeans with a super cropped striped shirt from Moussy Vintage.

A classic look of jeans and a shirt

Stella McCartney does a two-toned mixed media jean, shown here with a classic blue shirt. The raw seam where the two colors are joined contrast with a trouser like waistband.

Belted Denim Jacket is heaven

This jean has a similiar effect. Again the head to toe denim is mismatched. The oversized jacket comes with interesting pockets and tabs. And the stripe twisted tee brings the look to life.

A Denim Margiela Jacket

Margiela does a take on a workshirt. Classic in a dark wash. Pairing it with an oversized long white shirt gives it a different proportion.

An Umcommon Denim Outfit

There are many mixed color pieces this season. This cropped denim shirt looks great with flared jeans.

Two tone denim dressing

Stella McCartney repeats the mixed media technique for a cool cropped jean jacket. It is paired here with jeans, but there are many other ways to style the jacket. Try it over a simple tee shirt dress.

A new way for head to toe denim

There are a fair amount of vests around this spring. This one is paired with jeans in the same wash. And the jeans are wide jeans.

Borrowed looks in denim

This form-fitting cropped jacket is very much influenced by Azzedin Alaia. This could be festival-bound when paired with short shorts.

Trendy printed denim

Go for printed and embellished denim too. These denim dreams outfits from Deisel feature a rhinestone D on the patterned jeans and crop top. And on the right, a swirly pattern print covers a pair of boot-cut jeans and a tiny cropped jacket.

A short and sweet jean skirt

The shorter the skirts go, the better. This one looks great with a bright yellow cropped peasant shirt.

A mixed blues outfit

There are a few long shirts in stores. This is an interesting one, with the multi-seam detailing. It is paired with a studded cropped jacket. The jacket would also look great with white jeans come summer.

Denim dress and casual outfit

Rag & Bone always does interesting denim pieces. The sleeveless shirt and wide pants on the left are easy. So is the dark wash dress on the right. Both looks utilize a corded drawstring waist.

A head to toe look in denim

Veronica Beard offers another head to toe look. The gathered neck shirt lends a feminine touch to the midi length denim shirt.

Black Denim Dress

A black denim babydoll dress mixes classic denim pockets with a ruffled hem. A fun take on a classic.

Gucci shorts and a tweed jacket

Gucci adds to the conversation with a pair of denim shorts, paired with a white tweed jacket. And you know that these shorts are pricey.

Tweed Denim Suit

A tweed denim is a new take. The nubby look from Rag and Bone is a very nice update. It is appropriate for wearring to the office, and it retains a casual look.

A rock and roll look in Denim

And there are many grunge inspired looks around. R13 is inspired by vintage rock and roll looks. The cropped wider jeans have an interesting waist. The pastel plaid shirt is an R13 signature.

Embellished Jeans

Isabel Marant loves boho looks. She has a very distinctive look. These jeans are casual, but because they are covered in small nailheads, they have a unique look.

A grungy denim skirt

Another look from R13 goes grunge with a denim skirt, a plaid shirt and a funky sweat shirt. It’s a signature look. Hard to believe the designer worked at Ralph Lauren for years.

Denim Heaven Shoes

Denim can be dressed up too. Dolce & Gabanna prove it with jewel encrusted denim heels, using jean seaming and all. They are real denim dreams. What would you wear these with?