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Collar Stories this Season

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Fashion is a funny thing. Trends do come and go. And then some come back. One can certainly say that about the collars seen in stores and on people. Large collars, Sometimes very large collars. It’s time for collar stories this season. Use them to frame your face. Princess Di was known to wear large collars in the 80’s. And designers in the 80’s often looked back to designs of the 1930’s. A few of the collars look like new beginnings, but the majority do have a retro feel. Whether you want something casual, or something a little bit more dressed up, practice your collar stories this season. Take a look at all the examples this season. You will be set for this summer, and even early fall. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in the New York. Let’s explore the newest looks in town.

Lace Trim collar stories frames your face

White shirts and dresses abound this summer. Dolce &Gabbana rock a vintage vibe with this black lace edged platter collar.

White lace collar stories the face

Rebecca Taylor always loved vintage. This white shirt has an oversized broderie anglais wide cape collar that makes a statement.

Collar stories that go to work

This Sandro collar is a bit oversized, and the fancy stitch work adds a distinctive feminine touch to a plain suit.

Collar stories framing face blouse

Ethnic embroidery and ruffles is another way to work vintage. Pay attention to the knit bottoms, From Fendi, Chanel to Bottega and beyond, sweater knit bottoms are coming to town. See below.

Wide collar blouse frames your face

Many of the collared blouses are cropped. Just like lots of other things this season.

Pilgrim collar stories are a story

Sea updates a sailor collar with a black pleated border. Again, this shirt is cropped too.

Denim with a ruffled collar story

Ganni makes a statement with a ruffled collar. It does look new in denim.

Cape neck sweater is a collar stories

Even Chanel offers a very large cape collar on a pink pointelle knit. Please note the sweater knit pants with the full fashioned pocket.

Flouncy collars frame your face

Sea also likes brodery anglais collars in layers to a textured, cabled blue cardigan. Bigger is better these says,

Crisp collared sweater with collar stories

The puff sleeves and the ruffled collar have a forties vibe.

When a bow grows on a shirt

This super large pussy bow from Peter Petrov counts as a collar these days. This is a bit more modern and dramatic version,

Face framing ruffles make collar stories

Khaite also comes up with a modern way to frame your face. A long blouse/dress is edged with a tightly ruffled band of fabric.

A very big collar stories

Ulla Johnson adds a super long collar to a baby-doll dress. It’s pioneer proportions come to life.

Maximal dressing with a collar stories

This dress is saved because it is in a plaid. With short ruffled sleeve, and a ruffled waist the openwork lace collar offers another prairie look.

Summer dress with white lace collar story

The fine lace collar on the Sea dress outfit works a 1930’s depression era house dress vibe.

Summer dresses with a collar stories framing the face

This green Sandro dress has a vintagey feel as well. But it is a bit more modern

A Layered dress with that frames the face

This dress with the large cape collar wrapped around is a much more modern way to frame your face. The stripes are striking.

Pearled neckline on a black dress

Collars are important for evening too. Simone Rocha oftern makes use of statement collars. With this dress, she is more gentle. Delicate pearl embroidery frames the neckline and pockets.

Fancy collar dress frames the face

Andrew Gn offers a politely beaded large collar on this cocktail dress. This dress has a mod 60’s look to it.

A spangled collar stories with a story

Miu Miu always loves collars. The contrast color collar would be a bit stark without the diamonte flowers. They pop the jacket, and make it into a very sophisticated statement.

A sweet dress with a collar tale

But another of this season’s Miu Miu offers a vintagey crochet collar and placket. There are so many ways to do a collar.

Soft inspired dressing with a collar story

Victoria Beckham softens a pretty shirtdress with a large ruffled collar and cuffs. The ruffle is echoed down the front of the skirt for a clean modern look.

PLatter collar stories dress

It’s back to Miu Miu again. The large collar on this soft yellow dress does spell vintage, as does the print. But the drop waist and belting makes it oh-so-modern.