NYC Private Shopping Tour

Checks and Plaids Rule This Fall

Checks For Fall Are Everywhere

Do you want to stay on trend this fall and winter? Checks and plaids rule this fall. These classic patterns have been updated in many cases. The stores are full of all sorts of interesting interpretations. What are the new dress codes for Fall? Sticking with geometric patterns is a starting point. But why not add some color and play with proportions. Come on a tour of some of the stores in the New York with a NYC private shopping tour. Let’s explore some of the exciting new clothing in checks and plaids now in store. Find your stand out looks.

Plaid or check?

How do you see checks and plaids? There are hundreds of versions in all sorts of colors. Here you have a windowpane check and a hounds tooth. Both are crisp and clean.

Mixed checks for fall

Dior mixes a small plaid and a strong check in back and white to good effect. They know that checks and plaids rule this season.

Versace Red Houndstooth

Versace mixes things up too, with a bold colors houndstooth skirt paired with a houndtooh plaid jacket. Black underpinings in both the looks help pull it all together.

A mini houndstooth jacket

And this unusual houndstooth plaid hooded jacket looks smart and casual.

Check overcoats for fall

Checks come in all sizes. This oversized overcoat is in a tiny check tweed. It can go casual or dressed up. That’s the beauty of a classic.

Check this jacket out

This cropped jacket from Dries Van Noten rings all the right bells. The browns and greys pair nicely with the royal blue dress.

A checked mini-suit

A brown based plaid works as a mini-skirt suit. Each piece though could work on its own to be the base of a stand out outfit.

A mix of checks and plaids

Isabel Marant offers a fine brown plaid suit topped off with a fitted coat in a small distinguished check.

A mix of patterns with checks

And Plan C plays mixologist. A windowpane plaid is layered over a jacquard sweather vest teamed with a floral print skirt. Opposits attract.

Mix checks and knits

Many sweather knit patterns go well with checks and plaids. This neural fairisle looks very modern with a pleated, brown check skirt.

Plaids and checks for fall

Nili Lotan asks you to check out a brown plaid coat worn over another patterned sweater.

Tink Check Suit

Suits look cool in checks. Dries Van Noten cuts a very slim, shaped outfit.

A well cut check suit

This pants suit, in a very small check, is shaped as well, with padded shoulders and curved pockets. Nice detailing.

A suit jacket and print pants

Ralph Lauren stays true to his roots, and uses a classic men’s wear tweed to cut a chic blazer for women. Pairing it with winter white slacks looks good too.

Checks and plaids from Chanel

Chanel is famous for using plaids and checks. Here are three outfits, in three different color stories, Classic perfection.

Plaids and checks for fall

And lots of brands borrow Cahel’s codes to make classic clothing. You won’t have the label, but you will have the look for a fraction of the price.

A subtle check suit

Black amd white plaids also look fresh in shapes that are not influenced by Chanel.

Mixed plaids look good

Mixing plaids and checks into patchworks also has some fans this season. Veronica Beard’s cosy hoodie looks relaxed and modern.

Patched check patterns

And the skirt looks like fun in a mix of tartan plaids and checks. The skirt goes bold as does the long plaid coat.

Tartan plaids for fall

R13 uses a lot of tartans in its collections. This elongated over-shirt is a perfect piece.

Plaids and denim mixed

This unusual set looks cool, too. A denim jacket is spliced over a plaid jacket that is paired with matching pants, for a new take on a suit. Mixing things up works.

a stylish winter vest

And even a classic looks new when the proportions are changed. Veronica Beard crops a men’s vest and pairs it with denim shorts and a white shirt.

Tweed suit is cassic

An unusual white sirt also perks up this tiny black and white check suit.

Buffalo check jacket

Rick Owens likes checks too. He prefers large scale buffalo checks in cool colors. Making a basic look new is an art.