Shoo-In Shoes

Aug 1, 2022

There are a lot of new shoo-in shoes this summer? What are shoo-in shoes? They are the newest and most interesting shoes around. Must-buy and must-wear shoes. Designed with care and often a sense of humor this season. Heels, flats, platforms and more. There is a lot to chose from. What shoes fit your lifestyle?…

Think Pink This Season

May 19, 2022

Spring is bursting out around us. Flowers and trees, birds and bees. New clothing is flowing into the stores in New York. This season you will need to think pink if you want to stay on trend. There are so many shades of pink to be found on shopping tours in New York. Pink is…

Your New Platforms Stand Tall

Mar 3, 2022

New shoes are arriving for spring. There are a few new trends showing up. Designers are pushing platfrom soles. Some have a seventies vibe or a forties vibe, and some are an extention of the obsession with combat boots and aggressive footwear. Will your new platforms be pumps, sneakers or sandals this spring, or is…

Put Your Boots On The Ground

Dec 23, 2021

WInter is here. Life remains casual. The stores are full of all kinds of sneakers and boots this season. It is sort of hard to find shoes. Designers want you to put your boots on the ground this season. One question as to how to make fall looks stand out is simple. Chosing an interesting…

Perfect Sandals For Summers End

Aug 30, 2021

The last big weekend of the summer is upon us. For those of us who live and breathe fashion, celebrating in style is important. Whether you are going to the beach or the country, or just having drinks, dinner and dancing with friends in the city, you need to find the perfect sandals for summers…

Sneakers – The Summers Best

Jun 3, 2021

Sneakers, kicks, trainers, whatever. In the footwear world, kicks are up there. Want to discover some sneakers – the summers best? The world has gone mad for sneakers. The world of laces is growing. You can even find sneaker NFT’s. Personally, I would rather have the real thing on my feet. The world of luxury…

Going Feet First Into The New Year

Jan 17, 2021

Are you always looking for something new? I always look for shoes. You should be going feet first into the New Year. Shoe designers have been working on unusual designs this seasons. Boots are still super important. If you are a stiletto lover, this may not be the season for you. But if you love…

Be Sleek and Chic For Fall. Wear Neutrals.

Oct 5, 2020

It is now October and fall clothing is arriving daily in stores around the city. Many looks that will let you be sleek and chic for fall are best in neutral tones. Beige, camel, khaki, and light brown and related shades complement every skin tone. You can transition to fall in these colors, Wear these…

Transition To Fall in These Colors

Sep 15, 2020

While still warm enough to hang out at the beach, fall is approaching. Orange, rust, corals, mustards and related shades complement every skin tone and hair color. You can transition to fall in these colors, Wear these pieces today, and for months to come. You will look fabulous. New York keeps getting better and better….

Dig in Your Heels For These Summer Shoes

Aug 10, 2020

This summer should you want make an impression, take a look at the wealth of shoes found around town. Dig in your heels for these summer shoes. Looking for daytime shoes, sandals or something dressy? There are many looks to covet in stores now. Look for solids shoes, patterned, mesh, decorated, bejeweled and more. Flats,…