Choose These Shoes

Choose These Shoes

Stores are full of interesting and fun shoes, as well as easy to wear staples.

The News In Shoes

The News in SHoes

Fashion is still a bit stuck this fall. The past year or so had featured lots of clunky boots, plenty of sneakers, and more stilettos than one would ever need. The news in shoes is beginning to make itself seen. It’s about time. There is plenty of novelty in decoration, and the use of texture […]

The Shape Of Spring Shoes

Vuitton Spring Shoes

While combat boots for spring are still around, there are many new options available this year. What is the shape of Spring shoes now? There are flats and heels, slides and mules, sandals and loafers. There are the new and interesting shoes to be found all over town. Must-buy and must-wear footwear, there is an […]

A Sneakers Symphony

A symphony of sneakers from Chanel

Are you tired of combat boots? Bored with sky high stilettos? Then you need to look at a sneakers symphony that is taking place all over New York. They are the newest and most interesting kicks around. Must-buy and must-wear sneakers. Designed with care and often a sense of humor this season. High top, lowtop, […]

The Best Boots Are Here

New boots for winter

Winter has arrived with cold, snow and other signs of the season. Boots are worn all year round these days, but this season there are so many new boots. The best boots are in store now, and begging to be bought. Must-buy and must-wear boots. Designed with care and often a sense of humor this […]

The New Dress Codes for Fall

Dark and smoky evening dress codes

Are you dressing up more? Dressy clothes used to arrive in stores towards the end of November in the past. This year the floors had displays of cocktail dresses and other fancy dress from September onward. Benefits and celebrations are back big time. And designers are helping you celebrate. What are the new dress codes […]

Shoo-In Shoes

Chicest shoes from Prada

There are a lot of new shoo-in shoes this summer. What are shoo-in shoes? They are the newest and most interesting shoes around. Must-buy and must-wear shoes. Designed with care and often a sense of humor this season. Heels, flats, platforms and more. There is a lot to chose from. What shoes fit your lifestyle? […]

Think Pink This Season

Think Pink dress

Spring is bursting out around us. Flowers and trees, birds and bees. New clothing is flowing into the stores in New York. This season you will need to think pink if you want to stay on trend. There are so many shades of pink to be found on shopping tours in New York. Pink is […]

Your New Platforms Stand Tall

Sneakers with your new platforms | NYC Shopping Guides

New shoes are arriving for spring. There are a few new trends showing up. Designers are pushing platfrom soles. Some have a seventies vibe or a forties vibe, and some are an extention of the obsession with combat boots and aggressive footwear. Will your new platforms be pumps, sneakers or sandals this spring, or is […]

Put Your Boots On The Ground

Moon Boots on the Ground | NYC Private Shopping Tour

WInter is here. Life remains casual. The stores are full of all kinds of sneakers and boots this season. It is sort of hard to find shoes. Designers want you to put your boots on the ground this season. One question as to how to make fall looks stand out is simple. Chosing an interesting […]