Handbag Heaven

Wide Handle Bags

Spring is officially is here, and it’s time to update your wardrobe. A good place to start, is with a new handbag. There are many new styles, and updates to classic looks to choose from. It’s handbag heaven in certain stores. There are new shapes, new trims and new colors. Why not come on a tour of […]

The Magic of Bags

The mystery and magid of bags

How do you define the magic of bags? Why are people so eager to sport brand logos, or spend thousands for shapes and styles that identify them as an owner of a fashion statement? Some people are drawn to classic bags, and some are looking for the newest and most interesting bags. This season there […]

Karl Lagerfeld Is Celebrated

Karl Lagerfeld at the Met

Karl Lagerfeld was an extremely creative and prolific designer. Karl Lagerfeld should be celebrated. He designed for over 60 years, 54 of those years with the Fendi sisters and daughters, Chanel for 36 years, Chloe for many years, as well as at other brands. He briefly had his own label too. Lagerfeld worked best when […]

Your Bag Du Jour

Bags to love

Is this season time for you to have a new bag du jour? Deliveries of new Fall merchandise are still a little backed up, but new handbags are arriving daily. There is newness in the styling of bags, and also in the use of materials. Some of the bags shown are tweaks of brand staples, […]

Shades of Green Look Fresh

A Long Green Dress

Shades of green look fresh as we start to exit summer. It is likely to stay warm in most of the country in September and into October. There are shades of green that transition perfectly into fall. All shades of green look fresh, and some shades can be worn year round. Other shades of green […]

Think Pink This Season

Think Pink dress

Spring is bursting out around us. Flowers and trees, birds and bees. New clothing is flowing into the stores in New York. This season you will need to think pink if you want to stay on trend. There are so many shades of pink to be found on shopping tours in New York. Pink is […]

To Have and To Hold

Bags to have and to hold

Spring is here. One of the first things to look for this season is a new bag. Something wonderful to have and to hold. Stores are getting new merchandise a little bit later this year due to supply chain issues. But perhaps that might be a good thing, as who wants to wear spring clothing […]

The Knitted Life

The Knitted Life | New York Private Shopping Tours

We have explored patterned knit, but there are so many sweaters and other knits in the stores this season. Knits are back, but you knew that. Short, long, casual and dressy. We are living the knitted life. Knits are a big trend, and fall is looking even knittier than spring did. Knits come in all […]

Time To Shine

Standout sequins | Shopping Tours in New York

When I first saw the Prada coat below, it went to the top of my wish list. After almost two years of super causal dressing it seemed to me that it was time to shine. Stores are loaded with sparkly, shiny clothing, for day and for night. Any time of the day is time to […]

What Bags to Carry This Fall

What To Carry This Fall | NYC Private Shopping Tour

 Fall is upon us. The weather in New York has been pretty warm this year, with many lovely, sunny days. Life remains casual. One question as to how to make fall looks stand out is simple. It is what bags to carry this fall. You might start with the corded Balenciaga bags in the main […]