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Camel, Caramel and More. The New Neutrals.

Alaia's New Neutrals | Best New York Shopping Tours

Are you always looking for something new? Spring 2021 is going to be remembered as a different sort of spring for many reasons. We are emerging from the pandemic slowly, and designers and stores are starting to realize that when you deliever spring clothing in Janaury and February, most customers in the Northern part of the Northern Hemisphere are still living with cold weather, and this year with a lot of snow. This is the first Spring that I am seeing so many garments made from wool and other warm fabrics. Clothing is becoming much more wear now. A smarter attitude. Hopefully one that will continue. What’s looking new this month are camel, caramel and more. The new neutrals. Stores are open and websites are working. If you shop in stores the sales associates are all masked and happy to help you be sleek and chic for 2021. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in the city. Find shoes and boots that will make you feel like going feet first into the New Year.

Camel and Caramel together

The Row works with camel, caramel and more all the time. These simple coats are beautifully cut, and when worn with the designers shoes and boots in the new neutrals, they make a statement.

A Perfect camel coat for men and women

Fear of God, a popular men’s street label, has teamed up with the Italian fabric maker, Zegna, to make some classically cool camel coats and other clothes for women.

A wrapped camel coat

Toteme is an cuts an interesting coat with some very unusual features. The organic look looks great mixed with a white sweater dress and neutral snakeskin boots.

Avant guard Camels

Jonathan Anderson for Loewe loves camel and caramel and the new neutrals too. Both clothing and bags look great with black and white patterns and pale blue accents.

Pale neutral coat and Animal Prints

Rag and Bone use wrinkly fabrics for a cool neutral parka. Wear it over light jeans. Or throw an animal print accent in.

Neutral Tan with Polk Dots

Monse always does the unexpected. This unusual caramel coat has a navy polka dot scarf threaded through and around the body and under the pockets.

Caramel colored Celine bag is the new neutrals

Celines bourgouise chic caramel bag needs to be worn with more tailored clothes. But the color is perfect.

A dark neutral puffer

Rick Owens offers mixtures of rusts and raisons. These two are new neutrals. The updated puffer coat over a tunic and tights is causal chic at its best.

Rust neutral coat

A.W.A.K.E Mode likes a quilted neutral rust coat over black and white. This looks very sharp.

Neutral puffers

The new neutrals can be plae and silvery as well. This Rick Owens collab with Moncler offers an interesting blending of the two brands styles.

Pale new neutrals for  leather jackets

Prada loves pale neutral leather. And why not. It is covetable and classic. This is part of Muiccia’s first season working with Raf SImons. An interesting partnership.

Neitral taupe suit

Suits in neutrals have been around for decades. Theyn always look good. Michael Kors wraps his jacket with a patterned belt for waist emphasis.

Mixing ethinic prints and the new neutrals to create stylish looks

Stella McCartney also does neutral suitings. I love that the suits work with the ikat inpsired print pieces. The prints give the pants and jackets a big boost.

Caaaamel colors neutral outsfits

A.W.A.K.E. Mode also does these two pieces. A camel deconstructed suit is for someone with a perfect body. The caramel coat dress is easier to wear.

A belted pale neutral jacket

Gucci places a pale beige neutral jacket paired with vibrant red based prints. The jacket has belt loops, and when you add a metal chain belt the look is 70’s retro chic.

Chest nut neutral jacket

Rick Owens does a sort of suit. The uber padded shoulder is avant guard. When the leather jacket is paired with a slim skirt, the pieces are neatly tied together.

Perfect Caramel pieces of clothing in the new neutrals

St Laurent goes for the new neutral jackets, blouses and skirts. Wear the jackets and shirts with black skirts or shorts, and maybe a floral print mixing caramel, red black and white.

New Neutrals prints look cool

Floral prints in neutral colors look new too. Ganni offers jackets and pants on a carmel gound abstract floral. This is a happy new way to do florals.

Pale new neutrals prints and solids

These pale neutrals from Rosetta Getty are very refreshing. The dress in a pale neutral print is slimming. And the pale beige trench is classic with a twist.

Pale neutrals from Rick Owens

Rick Owens does delicious drapey dresses in pale neutral knits. Twisted and draped, they are statement pieces.

Camel and Taupe sharp dresses in the new neutrals

Leave it to Sarah Burton of McQueen to do a different kind kind of statement dressing. Sculptural shapes with collars and peplumn in caramel and taupe, these are stadout spring pieces.

Icy Neutrals from Alaia

For some cool neutral accessories, look no further than Azzedine Alaia. Signature belts and bags will make your wardrobe come alive. The off white tote with the patterned studs is perfection.

Caramel mixes with the new neutrals with olive

Valentino does luxury casual by mixing caramel silk pants with a very neutral olive tunic top. The sleeve details make the top.

Neutral suede clothing

Brunello Cucinelli always works with neutrals. A caramel suede jacket with a fur fringe tops a neutral patterned sweater and plae loafers. A cl;assic spring outfit.

Caramel and tan casual dressing

Ralph Lauren does cool casual clothing in the new neutrals too this season. Here, a caramel leather jacket tops crinkled leather beige pants. Add in an ivory cable hoodlie and a camel handbag and you are all set.

Icy Neutrals in relaxed shapes

Helmut Lang lounges into spring with soft jersey dressing. a camel pants lounge set and a pale neutral skirt set make for easy a relaxed approach to fashion this season.

Mix the new neutrals with prints

Isabelle Marant goes even springier, placing a textured travelling cable camel sweater over a pale pink printed skirt. All very casual. The pink and camel go well together.

Romantic tan new neutrals dress

There are some very light and airy spring clothes on the floors now. This pretty tiered dress in a soft cotton voile will see you through spring and summer. These are all looks that make you wish Spring was here now.