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Black for the Holidays

Black outfits for the Holidays

December is here, and one thing stands out when you go shopping. Stores are filled with black for the holidays and beyond. Of course there are a lot of cocktail dresses and evening wear, but good daytime looks are also to be found. From contemporary to designer price points, there are so many silhouettes to explore. Some looks are red hot trendy, and others are more classic. Both look good. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in New York with a NYC private shopping tour. Let’s explore some of the new finds, and get some black for the holidays.

Black for the holidays looks good

You can always tell when a dress is an Oscar de La Renta. It has flair. A slim halter dress with flounces, or a sheath with gold embroidery, both look good.

A slek black dress

This long slim dress has a interesting cut out, and a rhinestone trimmed bodice. Simple and elegant.

A funny face on a dress

Schiaparelli is back. The designer herself worked with artists who were her contemporaries, think Dali and Cocteau. In 2023 the new designer has a rather more heavy handed approach.

A sleek evening gown

This liquid dress is easy to wear and easy on the eye. Ralph Lauren knows how to make the most of simplicity. He says to wear black for the holidays.

A chic black jumpsuit for the holidays

Gucci features a lot of black this season. The sleek one piece look is clean and modern. And the men’s suit in a logo jacquard is amusing.

A black tux looks good

And a slim tuxedo for women is clean and precise. A perfect look for this season.

Feathers and sequins in black

Sequins are another fixture this winter. This very simple dress stands out because of the feathered sleeve cuffs. It’s an easy choice.

Black sequins for the Holidays

Another variation on the there offers a short sequin dress with lace peaking at the bottom hem. It’s clean and feminine.

A Short black dress

Another interpretaion of the slim, sequined dress is shorter. The black shrug jacket gives it a touch of men’s wear glamour.

Wear sequins for the holidays

The dress pictured here is longer, but still fitted. An oversized patent leather jacket gives the look a sporty feel.

A black sequin jumpsuit

This black sequined jumpsuit is lean and clean. Simple shapes are popular, and when they are done in sequins, they have impact.

Where black for evening

Simplicity looks good this season. A simple sheath dress (again) has a sheer hem, and is covered in tiny rhinestones. It is a trending silhoutte.

A Silver bias gown

Black also looks good when it is accently silver lame. A simple look has polish, and the satin flower at the neck dresses the look up.

Dress for the holdays in Black

This jumpsuit in a velvet brocade is quietly dressy. It proves that simplicity is sometimes best.

Dress in Black for the holidays

This look mixes feathers and fur. The strapless dress has an edging of feathers. The soft plush faux fur jacket adds a casual touch, and makes a young look.

Miu Miu does Chanel

Miu Miu does day into night looks. The beaded halter dress and jacket take inspiration from Chanel with a very clean look.

A Shint black suit

A silver lurex jacket also takes a page from Chanel. Paired with leather pants, it is more sporty. More good clean fashion.

An Artistic Coat for Fall

Simone Rocha is known for her romantic looks. This coat dress has voluminous sleeves. A beaded collar worn over the collar is punchy.

A Chanel-like suit

And another take on a suit mixes a black tweed with some lurex shine. The short strappy dress keeps this look young and fun.

Daytime looks in Black

Veronica Beard also works with tweed. A slim dress silhouette is dressy, but the fabrication lends a more office-attire look.

Unlock this outfit

Schiaparelli also does suits for day into evening. Keyholes are an ongoing motif this season at the brand. The jacket is quietly embellished with three of them.

A Cool Black Coat

And the Row does simplicity beautifully. What could be better than a clean black cashmere coat worn over a white blouse?

Mysterious Black Coat

Gucci agrees. This simple trench is extremely elegant, even when worn with denim. The hat pulls the look together. The black shiny coat on the rack is also a great look.

Casual Black and White look

And a casual, dressy look mixes sporty and satin. The star intarisia sweather gleams with sequins, and the satin skirt is worn over a long lace underskirt. Star in your own looks.