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Black and White for Fall is The Way to Dress

Accent Black and White with Pink

It is now mid-October and the weather is starting to get a bit cooler. You should try black and white for fall, as the look is a great trans-seasonal look. Wear these pieces today, and for months to come. You will stand out. Sometimes an absence of color is more powerful than wearing color head to toe. . New York keeps getting better and better. Every day is bringing better news about the recovery from the virus. Lots of new looks are in stores now. Everyone in the stores is working hard to keep their customers safe. The sales associates are all masked and happy to help you be sleek and chic for fall. Why not come on a tour of some of the stores in the city.

Chic white blouses for fall

Azzedine Alaia has always loved the clean and chic look of black and white for fall. Why not try one of a white one of a kind blouses with a solid black trouser or skirt. Alaia’s shits and blouses always have a personality of their own.

Statement shirt in white with black sketch

Alexander McQueen makes this gorgeous blouse with a very interesting sleeve treatment, and then adds a drawing of a young girl dancing. An unconventional pairing, and one that makes this a collectors piece.

Mix and match black and white

Black and white has always been a Chanel code. The checked suit at the back is elegant, and the black and white suit mixed with pearls, a signature camellia and a white belt contrast beautifully again the black jacket. Add a white bag and “Voila”, a perfect look.

Black and white check

Balmain cuts a mean jacket as well. The shoulder is the key here to a beautiful silhouette.

Lots of plaids for fall

Thom Browne offers many black and white looks. His jackets, pants and coats are subversively chic. His fans love the little twists and tweaks he always adds to his clothes.

Sleek jacket for fall

Givenchy offers this interesting jacket. The pattern is white on black on one side and black on white on the other.

Casual looks in black and white

Sacai offers a more relaxed approach. Her jacket is casual and deconstructed. The signature t-shirt on the right looks great with the matching print skirt. Either piece would be a great statement on its own, paired with a solid black top or bottom.

Fall Prints

Abstract prints from Sacai fall in soft waves. The layers move with you as you walk, creating a striking movement.

Printed Horses for fall

This cheerful dress has a more normal silhouette. A vivid print of horses gives the dress an undeniable crispness.

Fall clothing in Black and white

Black and white prints are for any time of day or night. Statement evening dresses to contrast fringe jackets to daytime shirts and dresses all look new and fresh.

Black is back for fall

Max Mara’s interesting take on a shirt dress is another way to wear a black and white print. The double layer front with the asymmetric hem softens the dress.

Black accents white for fall

Color blocking a black and white print with black defines the waist and shoulder of the dress and your body. Slimming and graphicly beautiful this dress stands out. On the shelf is a hounds tooth Dior bag, that will brighten any outfit.

black and white print dress

Givenchy uses this graphic floral again. This time on one side only. Choose the body-con dress or the strict suit with the contrast lapel to turn heads.

Fall print with black accent

Here is another color spliced dress. I love the red lining inside the sleeve cuff. The hint of the bright color color is a visual standout.

Black and white toile print

Libertine livens up a toile de jouy print with some fantasy scenes. They are now doing home decor as well as clothing.

Black accents for fall

Prada really mixes up black and white. The hand embroidery is actually sequins. The sweater vest in black, white and red livens the look, as does the collar of the sleeveless shirt. W inner look.

Black and white lace

Lace looks good too. Michael Kors does a dress in black lace with a light underling. The pants are a lace like floral print that looks beautiful with a black turtleneck.

Make a statement for fall

Also on the dressy side is the McQueen mix of leather and lace. Tough and ladylike at the same time. Statement dressing for sure.

A dramatic white blouse

Another statement piece for casual evenings is this deconstructed smoking with a white blouse and a satin stole around the shoulders to tie things together. .

Solid or striped for fall

Azzedine Alaia is a master of creating in black and white. Weather it is a fit and flare jacquard dress or a slim goddess dress worn with white accessories, you can’t go wrong.

Black and white separates

Try a frothy cinched top and and textured black skirt from Cecile Bahnen to lift your mood. The top actually has an open back that offsets the sweetness of the sleeves.

Dress up in white accented with black

Another cinched look is from Dolce Gabbana. A perfectly cut shirt with red roses and a hooked corset is a pointed look.

Black and white make grey

Andrew Gn mixes black white and grey in this delicious brocade coat. The feathered sleeves add the finishing touch,

Fall Bag

Black and white bags add a nice touch to a white, black or a solid bright colors.

Black and white fall scarves

Alexander McQueen has some beautiful graphic black and white scarves. Throw them over a black dress, coat or jacket.

Chic black and white boots

These boots will add a chic finishing touch to many outfits. The black and white is bright and clean and the offset studs are a perfect detail. Just what you need when you wear Black and White for fall.