NYC Private Shopping Tour

A Sneakers Symphony

A symphony of sneakers from Chanel

Are you tired of combat boots? Bored with sky high stilettos? Then you need to look at a sneakers symphony that is taking place all over New York. They are the newest and most interesting kicks around. Must-buy and must-wear sneakers. Designed with care and often a sense of humor this season. High top, lowtop, decorated and heavy duty. There is a lot to choose from. What sneakers fit your lifestyle? You need to add some new kicks to your life. It’s time to explore what you might find on a luxury private shopping tour in NYC. Let’s preview this tour of some of the stores in the New York. What are you looking for this season?

A tasteful sneaker

Sneakers are less likely to be covered in logos this season. Quiet does it. Valentino does an excellent job with the low-key logo. Note how the soles have impressions of the signature rockstuds. That’s it.

Low key sneakers from Valentino

And another Valentino pair has a simple small V, rather than in your face branding.

Metallic trim sneakers by Dior

Dior keeps it quiet too. Here are two pairs that are well designed and discrete.

cheerful symphony of color from gucci

But there is a sneakers symphony of colors to be found. Color-blocking with all different sorts of colors is the 2023 signature. Gucci does it well with pastel blocked low tops.

A symphony of sneakers from Gucci

The high tops from Gucci are a bit bolder, and very technical in their design.

High Top sneakers from Off-White

Off-White joins the team with color-blocked high tops. And the touch of metallic looks fresh.

Hi top sneakers on steroids

You know an Isabel Marant sneaker when you see it. She helped popularize the “high-heel sneaker”. This wedge shape brings to mind colorful ski boots.

Printed sneakers from Dolce Gabanna

Prints and patterns are new this season too. Dolce Gabbana Introduces a few signature prints every season, and they use them on everything. Even on the soles and uppers of sneakers like this.

Dior lace kicks

Dior offers very feminine pairs done in different colors of lace.

industrial lace sneakers from Valentino

And Valentino offers a hot pink pair that is made from a lace in a technical fabric. The tough plays with the feminine.

Printed sneakers

And Gucci uses their signature floral print on loafers and sneakers. It’s one of a kind.

Cutaway kicks from Golden Goose

Golden Goose sneakers are very popular. This pair in very cool, with a mule-like cutaway on a shoes lined in shearling. And leopard printed too.

Metallic colorblock kicks

Louboutin has his trademarked red shark’s tooth sole, and a nice combination of different metallic leathers.

Golden sneakers from Prada

Prada offers an interesting pair in a textured gold metallic material with thick soles..

Tough kicks from McQueen

Alexander McQueen gets decorative on these high tops. These soles are big too. The sneakers can be monograms in graffiti or decorated with sequins and nailheads.

Flat sneaker symphony

And some sneakers look a little awkward. These flat Balenciaga Paris models look a bit like duck feet.

High top sneakers McQueen

Alexander McQueen does agressive sneakers too, using spiked studs. These are statement sneakers, for sure.

Sneakers that rock

Balenciaga sneakers go from butch to fantastical. You don’t so much as walk in these shoes. You rock. The molded bottoms lifts the front of the sneaker off the floor.

Industrial sneakers

Materials are arranged, rearranged, and played with. And the more going on, the heavier the sneakers get.

sneakers on steroids

Balenciaga says that these sneakers are designed for running. WIth each foot carrying about five ponds of sneaker, I am not sure how fast one can actually run in these.

Take a step in these

The most conceptual sneakers is the Balenciaga X-Pander. Plastic joints at the back of the sole lift the heel. You don’t rock in this sneakers, you bounce. Why not give it a try?